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• MULTI-PURPOSE – Great for use as a Drop Cloth, Dust Cover or Moisture Barrier for Weather Proofing, Landscaping, Painting, Construction or Remodeling.

• HEAVY DUTY - This tough seamless Poly Sheeting is 6 mil (0.006 Inch) thick so it is strong enough to handle most jobs around the home, office or job site.

• UV TREATED – Our Plastic Film has been UV treated so it is suitable for outdoor use for up to 4 years.

• LONG LASTING – Unlike other non-UV treated plastics our polyethylene sheeting is suitable for continual outdoor use so can be reused and recycled giving you better value for your money.

• GET CREATIVE - Also great for DIY projects like Water Blobs and Slip and Slides.

Watch the video to see our Premium Raised Bed in action.


I use this under my pond liner for better protection against roots coming through it looks like it's going to do a good job.

Helen Brigde

So far so good. Using this to cover a hoop house to extend the growing season. Haven’t had the cool temps to use it yet but did put it on the hoops and it seems to be holding up well in the heat and rain so far.


Excellent customer service, on-time delivery as promised, superior product. Will definitely re-order!


Used to create a greenhouse on raised bed and worked well. Strong. Clear. Keeps the heat and moisture. Good price for the size. Recommended.


Did what it should. Came quickly. We used it to make water blobs for the yard. They lasted two days. My kids poked holes in it accidentally. It was two glorious days of children staying outside all day. All the neighbor kids came over too.

Kristie Bridgham

6 mil is a very good thickness for "waterproofing" my project. So far, it's held up well.

Bob Miles

I used these to drape a greenhouse frame and it works great.

Christopher Louis

Its clear as glass its strong its thick can be used a window PLASTIC dore PLASTIC. Painter's drop cloth and a temporary vehicle cover as well it is great to keep the rain out of a roof that is being redone use somthing as a Waite to keep the wind from blowing it off.


Yep, plastic sheeting is just what I needed. Speedy delivery. no probs at all.



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