Raised Bed Installation Guide

The bolts and parts needed for installing the raised bed garden

Time to Complete:
• 10-15 minutes.

Tools Required:
• 2 Allen Wrenches (Included)

• 16 Bolts
• 4 Brackets
• 4 Boards


Bolt two brackets to the smooth sides of each of the two shortest boards. Insert and tighten the bolts to each bracket with the allen wrenches, until snug.

Bolting the two brackets using bolts


Take one of the bracketed boards, and one of the boards without brackets, join the corners together.

Hand tighten the two bolts first!*

Then, align the edges, BEFORE snuggly tightening the bolts with an allen wrench on each side.

Joining the bracketed board to the unbracketed board


Join the remaining bracketed board to the open end of the unbracketed board.

Hand tighten in the two remaining bolts.*

Align the edges, then snuggly secure the bolts with the allen wrenches.


With the final remaining board insert and hand tighten screws.*

Align the edges one at a time, then secure the bolts snuggly with the allen wrenches.

An overview of how the board should look like at this stage


Place the raised bed on level ground. Fill with soil.

And start growing!!!

Tightening the bolts before filling it with soil

*Be sure to hand tighten the bolts where indicated. There will be some play in the boards, hand tightening first allows you to align the corners before securing them with the allen Wrenches.