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Professional Grade Landscaping and Gardening Supplies

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Don't just take our word for it...

"Awesome addition to the garden, especially since it's my first garden at my new home and I'm not sure how the trees are going to affect my full sun. These will allow mobility, if need be. Good quality. I expect them to hold up for several years."

An image of Kate Dowden Kate Dowden

"I have used this type of grow bags for a few years now. I have always purchased them from a Nursery, Very pricey and not the best quality. I found these grow bags from ECOgardener and I am very happy with the quality and the pricing. Best deal out there!"

An image of Roger R. Adamson Roger R. Adamson

"Best planter bag brand! Great price, not flimsy like a lot of other bags. Sturdy handles and easy to transport if needed. Great aeration and drainage. Out of 3 different brands of planter bags I've purchased, these are BY FAR the BEST! buy these!!"

An image of Shelley B. Shelley B.

"Looking at reviews for another brand I noticed that some users complained that it was not water permeable and they had supported that finding with photos and videos. That is one of the reasons that I chose this brand. The first thing that I did when it arrived was to test that and I found that water rapidly penetrated this fabric. It also seem to be strong but was easy to cut. I have since purchased more of the same and intent to buy even more for another project."

J. Streit

"This is much sturdier than your run of the mill big box store weed mat. It puts up with foot traffic, sharp mulch and multi-year use. I save this from year to year for my vegetable garden. I highly recommend this for any area that needs a weed mat that will last, or for walkways in your garden."

C. A. Davis

"This landscape fabric has been a lifesaver for us in our garden. The fabric is heavy duty and has cut down the weeding we have to do in the garden by a lot. We bought this to help us reclaim a neglected garden patch from grass, and it has effectively kept back the grass and killed off parts that we put the fabric over. It's easy to cut it to the right size and easy to stake into the ground."



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Growing different herbs is fun and easy but do have specific watering needs. Most herbs need to water once per week while others require twice especially during extreme heat or drought conditions. Here’s a simple guide on how to water your herbs to keep them healthy.
Man putting landscape fabric on his garden

Landscape Fabric For Vegetable Garden

Vegetable gardening at home is a rewarding activity that gives fresh produce and counts as an exercise.  Make gardening easier and less back-breaking by installing the best landscape fabric for your vegetable garden.

Man removing garden weeds

How to Install Landscape Fabric for a Flower Bed

How do you use landscape fabric in a flower bed? If you’re tired of spending hours clearing weeds in your precious flower beds, you should give landscape fabric a try. Here’s a quick guide on how to install a weed barrier cloth to keep the weeds from growing in your flower garden.