High Branch Telescopic Pruning Shears Tree Pruner Tool

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Best Tree Pruner for cutting high branches! The ECOgardener telescopic pruning shears feature high-grade materials in an ergonomic design. Lightweight, durable, and easy to use, our telescoping tree pruner is a must-have garden tool to eliminate the need for a ladder to cut, prune, and trim thick and thin branches and stems at a great height.

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Length: 21.59 cm

Width: 5.08 cm

Height: 73.66 cm

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Alloy Steel

Need a boost? Cut hard-to-reach branches without using a ladder - the ECOgardener telescoping branch shears are the gardening essential that you simply cannot do without! Lightweight, durable, and easy to use, the ECOgardener telescopic tree pruner eliminates the need for a ladder to cut, prune, and trim thick and thin branches and stems at a great height.

  • Exceptional cutting power
  • Long, telescoping handle
  • Solid steel bypass lopper blades
  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Rubber grip
  • Measures 21.59 x 5.08 x 73.66 cm

Impressive cutting power: The ECOgardener telescoping branch shears feature rust-proof and weather-proof solid steel bypass-style lopper blades that cut thick and thin branches and stems with minimal effort. These heavy-duty tree pruning shears are resistant to bending and nicking. The blades do not require frequent sharpening. You can adjust the tightness of the blades for effective and accurate cutting power.

Telescoping long handles: With the ECOgardener branch shears, you’ll never use a ladder to cut unsightly dead growths high above the ground. It features adjustable telescopic handles that you can shorten or extend to cut hard-to-reach places quickly. Extra reach means extra leverage! It’s a safe and effective way of pruning and trimming trees in the garden with less effort.

Durable design: This telescopic tree pruner is designed to last you YEARS! It’s crafted from rust-proof solid steel material, yet it’s lightweight enough that you don’t strain your arms and shoulders while pruning. The ECOgardener tree pruning shears can cut through the toughest branches, even sappy, sticky, thorny stems that are a pain to prune. Its heavy-duty construction means you will never use another branch cutting shears for a long, long time.

Lightweight and easy to use: No need to lug around a heavy ladder to trim trees and shrubs. The ECOgardener tree pruning shears is not only space-efficient, it’s so easy to carry around while doing yard work.

You need tree pruning shears that are tough enough to take on hours of pruning without straining your arms and shoulders. Telescoping branch shears should be comfortable to use with the correct length for handles to give you leverage while you work. If you’re not comfortable using it, you won’t reach for the pruning shears.

The ECOgardener telescoping branch shears are designed to last, yet it’s lightweight and comfortable to use. The super sharp blades stay sharp no matter how big the job is, and the telescoping handles adjust in a snap, letting you work on dead growths quickly, easily, and comfortably.

Customer Reviews

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A tad heavy for folks not used to lifting weights.

Other than being a tad heavy, the cutting was excellent and sharp....When used by someone other than the buyer...

Great purchase

I got these to replace old awkward rusty clippers. The grips are great and they arent too heavy for me to manage.

Good but aluminum handles can be bends if use force

Good but aluminum handles can be bends if use too much force

3 Reasons to Prune Dead Growths

Improve the look of the garden:

Regular maintenance like tree and shrub pruning helps maintain or improve the look of the garden. Dead growths can make your living space look neglected. With a reliable telescoping tree pruner, your evergreens look proportional, pristine, and healthy. You can control the size and shape of your plants and trees, allowing you to create an outdoor space that you’d be proud to show off.

Better plant growth:

Don’t wait until dying branches and stubs fall off the ground; you need to remove dying or dead growths right away to promote better plant health. Regular pruning promotes faster plant growth and healthy fruit and flower production. The ECOgardener telescoping branch shears allow the plants to produce healthier branches and leaves. Regular pruning also promotes the natural shapes of your precious plants while deterring pests and preventing animal-borne plant diseases from spreading!

Protection from property damage:

Dead growths can be dangerous, especially thick branches! Dead and dying growths can hurt people or damage properties. Reduce the impact of accidents and storm damage on structures from broken branches by regularly pruning your trees. The ECOgardener telescoping branch shears are ideal to use for pruning trees and shrubs near walkways, driveways, and children’s play areas, keeping your outdoor space safe for everyone - even in bad weather.

Why Use the ECO Gardener Telescoping Branch Shears?

No ladder? No problem!

Lugging around a heavy ladder all day can cause unnecessary stress on the arms and shoulders. It’s also a bother to carry around when working in a large area.

There’s no need to depend on a ladder with the ECOgardener tree pruning shears. You can reach dead growths in high places, like dying branches way up a tree. The ECOgardener tree pruning shears give you added reach to trim trees and shrubs without the risk of falls and injury from a ladder. The tool provides proper leverage and power so you can trim, prune, and cut dead growths safely. You can also adjust the telescoping handles so you won’t tip over when you overreach.

No more fatigue!

Yardwork is no simple task. It’s a back-breaking activity, especially if you don’t have the right tools for the job. The ECOgardener tree pruning shears let you clean up in and around the garden without the pain. No more stress on the lower back, arms, and shoulders from overreaching; you can take care of dead growths with our telescoping branch cutting shears.

Efficiency + safety

Our telescoping branch cutting shears let you reach high branches on bushes and trees accurately. It only takes a second to clip thorny, sappy, dead, and dying branches and stems, saving you a lot of time to do more things in the garden. Because you can adjust the reach of the shears, there’s little chance of losing your balance as you work. You won’t get scratched or poked while doing yard work too.

A healthier, better garden

Overgrowth can spread diseases, pests and even cause injuries to people and properties. Regular trimming is key to improving the growth and health of the garden. And get this, using the ECOgardener branch cutting shears could enhance the yield of flowers and fruits. Removing excessive growth boosts air circulation and improves sun exposure among plants in your yard. If you’ve been dutifully pruning your plants, you can look forward to a bountiful yield come harvest season.

Telescopic branch shears are a-plenty online, but there’s only one ECOgardener telescoping tree pruner. We’re a trusted brand for a reason! See why the telescopic tree pruner is one of our bestselling products! Order your own and take the burden of maintaining a gorgeous garden off your back.

ECO Gardener Telescopic Branch Shears User Guide

The blades of the ECO Gardener Telescopic Branch Shears

Sharp and Durable Blades

The blade is designed to easily cut branches up to 2" thick, the hardened blade is made of SK5 alloy steel which can remain sharp for a long time.

Handles of the ECO Gardener Telescopic Branch Shears extending

Extendable handles

The telescopic handles extends easily up to 35" with the push of a button to allow you to reach high branches

A closeup picture of the non-slip grip of ECO Gardener Telescopic Branch Shears

Non-slip grip

Easily grip the handles without the worry of fatigue and blisters.

ECO Gardener Telescopic Branch Shears Dimension

ECO Gardener Telescopic Branch Shears being extended
The length of ECO Gardener Telescopic Branch Shears