A woman planting in an Ecogardener Raised Bed.
A woman watering her plants in Ecogardener raised bed
Woman adding soil to the Ecogardener Raised Bed
A person planting plants in the Ecogardener Raised Bed
Closeup of Ecogardener Raised Bed being assembled
Ecogardener Raised Beds in the garden
Raised Bed
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Raised Bed

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Our ECOgardener raised beds give you more room to grow anywhere in your garden. From vegetables and herbs to fruits and more, these open-bottom frames provide the support your plants need to flourish and for your harvest to thrive.

Beyond edible gardens, our raised beds can be easily stacked on top of one another to create breathtaking border or tiered gardens.

  • ASSEMBLES IN MINUTES - All our planters assemble in 15 minutes or less, and require no technical expertise or experience. Simply slide and lock the dovetail joints together and you'll be ready to plant in no time.
  • ROT-RESISTANT TO LAST A LONG TIME - Made from 100% non-toxic fir wood for extreme durability and strength, our raised beds are resistant to rot and insects. They are sanded smooth and can be used natural or stained/painted to suit your taste.
  • EASY TO STACK AND EXPAND - Every joint is made to fit like a glove. This way, you can grow your garden further by stacking our raised beds together with little to no effort.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY - We at ECOgardener pride ourselves on affordable yet durable gardening solutions. Our raised beds come at very good prices, guaranteed to last you a lifetime.


Height Length Width Soil Volume
10 inches 8 feet 2 feet 13 cubic feet
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Watch the video to see our Raised Bed in action.