Granulated Humic Acid Soil Conditioner

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The ECOgardener Humic Acid soil conditioner is a concentrated, water-soluble granule additive derived from Leonardite. This organic soil amendment can be applied as a spray solution or directly into the soil. Formulated for all soil types, the ECOgardener Humic Acid soil conditioner is rich in essential nutrients plant.


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Soil Amending Ingredients
Active Ingredients
Humic acids(derived from Leonardite)60%
Inactive Ingredients
Total Other(Inert) Ingredients40%

The ECOgardener Humic Acid soil conditioner is a concentrated, water-soluble granule additive derived from Leonardite. This organic soil amendment can be applied as a spray solution or directly into the soil. Formulated for all soil types, the ECOgardener Humic Acid soil conditioner is rich in essential nutrients plants need to stay healthy, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Humic acid is also packed with hormones that boost soil nutrients and promote nutrient uptake for healthy plant growth.

The ECOgardener Humic Acid soil conditioner is formulated for all agricultural applications. It comes in an easy-to-apply granule form to treat nutrient deficiencies and improve soil texture.

Apply as a granule in the lawn or garden soil for a quick boost of nutrients. Dissolve in water; spray the humic acid solution on flowering plants, vegetables, herbs, shrubs, and trees. Diluted in water, the ECOgardener Humic Acid soil conditioner can be used as a root dip in hydroponic gardens. How ever you want to use the ECOgardener Humic Acid soil conditioner, it will improve soil fertility while supporting plant growth.

Product Features

  • Granular/black granulated form
  • Easy to use
  • Formulated for all agricultural applications
  • Boosts plant growth and health
  • Improves soil health and texture
  • Protects from pests and diseases
  • Enhances nutrient uptake by plants
  • Stimulates root growth and development


Safe and easy to use: The ECOgardener humic acid is easy to use. Apply by spraying it on plants or applying directly into the soil. You can also add a few drops to a hydroponic system to boost nutrient uptake in plants. Because it’s made from high-purity seaweed extract, the ECOgardener humic acid is safe and does not contain harmful chemicals or heavy metals.

Boosts plant growth and health: The ECOgardener humic acid is rich in essential plant nutrients to accelerate root development, enhance stress resistance, boost metabolism, and protect crops from oxidative stress.

Protects from plant diseases and pests: The ECOgardener humic acid soil conditioner is rich in bioactives that protect from oxidative stress caused by extreme weather disturbances. Oxidative stress weakens plants’ resistance to common pests and diseases. It works by supporting plants’ natural defenses against pests and diseases.

Nutrient-rich: Humic acid is packed with nutrients that promote healthy plant growth, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Applied in grandulated form or diluted in a solution, the ECOgardener humic acid soil conditioner imbues the soil with vitamins and minerals that plants need to grow healthy and strong. By boosting nutrient uptake, crops become resistant to pests and diseases. This helps boost yield by up to 30%.

Safe to use and environmentally friendly: Humic acid is safe for all plants and has been used in agriculture for decades. It does not contain toxic compounds, nor will the product pollute the soil and waterways. It is free from harmful chemicals or synthetic additives and meets the environmental standard for safety.

Improve soil health and texture: The ECOgardener humic acid improves soil fertility, structure, and water retention. Once applied, humic acid improves soil texture and prevents compaction. This leads to better aeration and water retention. As the structure of soil improves, so does its ability to support plant growth. The ECOgardener humic acid also boosts soil nutrients, enabling gardeners to grow more plants. The accelerated root formation and improved structure prevent soil erosion.

Discover the amazing benefits of humic acid in plants! With regular use of ECOgardener Soil Conditioner Humic Acid, you can expect a bountiful yield after every harvest season. Plants are healthier, stronger, and more resistant to common pests and diseases.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Mike G
very good to use!

I was not disappointed! It was easy to apply and provided an immediate boost to the soil. The soil felt much softer after just one application. My vegetables have grown healthier and stronger since using this soil amendment. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their gardens soil quality. Its organic, high concentration, and the granular format makes it very easy to use. Great product!

Deborah E.
As advertised

I don't have any experience with this soil additive yet, actually I had never heard of it before, so all I can say is the product arrived well packaged and is exactly what the description states. We have such poor soil here, I try everything. This Humic Acid sounds great and if my plants all shoot up 3 feet (or even 3 inches) after I use it, I will be sure to update.

sam G
Boost Soil Fertility and Plant Growth

I recently tried the ECOgardener Powdered Humic Acid Soil Conditioner, and I'm impressed with its performance. The granular form makes it easy to apply either by diluting in water for foliar spray or mixing it into the soil. The concentrated formula contains essential nutrients that promote healthy plant growth and improve soil structure. I noticed a significant increase in nutrient uptake by plants, and the soil health improved as well. Moreover, the advanced formula enhanced fertilizer and pesticide efficiency, resulting in increased yield. I appreciate that it's eco-friendly and sustainable, making it suitable for various gardening applications. Overall, ECOgardener Humic Acid Soil Conditioner is a reliable product for gardeners seeking to boost soil fertility and maximize plant growth.

steve trinh
Supper easy to use

I just mix the powder into the ground in garden beds and pots for a quick boost of nutrients. Would buy again

Granular Not Powdered Form - Review Will be Updated if Positive Progress is Detected

The headline is to help people know what they're getting, as the listing copy says it's granular AND powdered. It's just grains/pellets. Also note that this is a small bag. It's fairly highly concentrated, so that shouldn't matter much. This is supposed to help the uptake of nutrients by the roots of the plant. I'm trying it with different fertilizers in different places. There are a lot of variables, but, at least in some places, this will be the main change, so it may be a bit easier to tell if there is a positive change in growth. Of course the weather is always harder to control for, but this won't be very scientific at all anyway. The point is, I will update this review periodically if I think it's making a difference. I have to give it a rating, so full stars until I know any different. Stay tuned.