Elevated Raised Bed Installation Guide

1. Lay Out All Assembly Parts

Ensure you have all the parts within sight. Group together leg posts, boards, and caps for easy assembly. Assemble the planter as close to the final location as possible.

2. Assemble Two Legs

Take a two leg posts and slide the first short wide board between them, carefully following the groove of the post. Insert the short, narrow board next, followed by another short wide board. Follow the same process to assemble the other short end.

Pro Tip: make sure that the post and board stay square when sliding the board into the groove so the board does not get stuck. If the joint is tight you can gently tap into place with another piece of wood or a mallet.

A GIF for assembling the two legs of the Elevated Raised Bed Garden Planter

3. Form The Rectangle

Take a long wide board with the base support rail and slide it between the two previously assembled ends. Make sure that the base support rail is on the side facing in. Insert the long, narrow board next, followed by another long wide board. Now, you have three sides of the raised planter complete. Repeat the process to complete the last side.

4. Complete The Bottom

Place the base boards inside the planter supported by the base support rails. Then place the fabric insert inside the planter.

A GIF for assembling the middle part and adding the fabric liner of the Elevated Raised Bed Garden Planter

5. Secure The Wooden Caps With Pegs

Secure the wooden caps on top of each post by inserting the pegs into the holes.

A GIF for securing the wooden caps

6. Fill With Soil

Adjust the position of the planter to the desired location and fill with soil.

Watch the video to see our Elevated Raised Bed in action.