Garden tools in snow

Protecting Your Garden Tools for the Winter

Both your garden and garden tools need winter protection. Here are tips on how you can store and preserve them for use next season.

Woman feeding bird in winter

A Beginner’s Guide to Winter Bird Feeding

When the finches and sparrows show up, its winter bird feeding time. Here are expert tips to keep our flying friends nourished throughout the season.
Garden Thanksgiving with Family

How to Host a Backyard Thanksgiving Feast

If you’re hosting your very first backyard Thanksgiving with family and friends, here are tips to make the most memorable times in your outdoor space.
Plants in the living room

Houseplants to Boost Your Well-Being

Whether you live in a small or big space, keeping plants can improve your well-being. Here are the perfect plants to help you enhance your health.
A table with flowers in a garden

Turning Your Backyard to a Staycation Spot

The pandemic has left many of us isolated in their homes. If you have a backyard, here are tips to turn it into your very own staycation or getaway spot.

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Garden tools in snow

Protecting Your Garden Tools for the Winter

Close up plants lined up in garden

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Organic Gardening

Close up shot of cherry tomatoes

The Best and Worst Companion Plants for Tomatoes