Hedge Shears Heavy Duty Long Handle Garden Pruning Tool

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Durable, light and flexible hedge shears designed to trim, prune or cut branches, stems and dead growths. Our ECOgardener hedge shears are the perfect garden tool for shaping hedges, shrubs, boxwood, and plants of all sizes and varieties. Don’t let shabby plants and shrubs ruin the look of your garden. Shop now!

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Length: 20.32 cm

Width: 20.32 cm

Height: 68.58 cm

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Alloy Steel

Don’t let shabby plants and shrubs ruin the look of your garden! Make trimming and shaping hedges, bushes, and shrubs virtually effortless with the ECOgardener hedge shears! Durable, light, and flexible, the ECOgardener hedge shears are designed to trim, prune, and cut branches, stems, and dead growths. It's the perfect tool for shaping hedges, shrubs, boxwood, and plants of all sizes and varieties.

Product Features:

  • Exceptional cutting power
  • Precision, heavy-duty steel blades
  • Ergonomic design
  • With soft silicone handles for a comfortable grip
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy long handles
  • Reduces fatigue for high-intensity pruning
  • Measures 20.32 x 20.32 x 68.58 cm

Exceptional cutting power: Yard work doesn’t have to be back-breaking. The ECOgardener hedge shears give you more power with every cut. The garden shear’s heavy-duty blades are razor-sharp with a strong compression resistance, allowing you to make smooth, clean cuts in seconds. Pruning and shaping shrubs will be easy on the arms and back with the ECOgardener hedge shears.

Efficient design: We’ve designed the ECOgardener hedge shears to be easy and comfortable to use. The reinforced steel blades are low-friction and rust-resistant for improved durability and accuracy. The handles are in a perfect length to provide utmost control while clipping and shaping shrubs. The blades cut growths with accuracy and preciseness, allowing you to create different shapes quickly, including rounded and geometric shapes. This garden tool is designed to take on any pruning jobs, including formal hedges, informal hedges, flowering hedges, boundary hedges, conifer hedges, and so much more.

Comfortable operation: Long handles provide a much-needed boost for cutting and trimming growths in higher places and tight spaces. The ergonomic handles are coated with soft silicone for a comfortable grip, allowing you to work safely and comfortably without injury or stress like cuts and blisters.

Durable construction: Flimsy gardening tools are a waste of money. Invest in high-quality, well-designed garden pruning scissors and hedge shears, and you’ll never need another one for years to come. The ECOgardener hedge shears are meant to be your perfect pruning partner. The steel blades are hardened to outperform and outlast other pruning shears. The lightweight handles may be a joy to use, but don’t be fooled; they will last for years!

Been neglecting the garden? Dead and dying growths are not just ruining the look of your garden; these are affecting plant life too. Give your plants the TLC they deserve without breaking your back. Our garden hedge shears are the perfect tool to maintain the shape of your plants and create a neat, organized outdoor space.

The ECOgardener garden hedge shears are designed to make pruning easy, fun, and safe. The simple design makes the hedge shears so easy to use that you’ll reach for them every time you’re out and about in the garden -- we guarantee it!

Why Trim and Prune Hedges?

Improve the look of your outdoor space:

Dead and dying growths in a garden is never a good look! A good pair of garden pruning shears is all you need to keep your shrubbery neat. Just a few snip snip, and you’ll be amazed how much of a difference pruning makes on plants, especially bushes.

The ECOgardener garden hedge shears are designed to trim dead and dying branches and stems as effortlessly as possible. This means making the garden look as good as it can be has never been this easy.

Protection from injury and property damage:

Overgrowths can be deadly. It can cause injuries, accidents, and during a storm, property damage. Keeping your outdoor space neat and trim minimizes the dangers caused by dead and dying branches.

Easy to use, lightweight, yet durable, our garden pruning shears give you impressive cutting power and reach to remove growths even in tight or high places. Your outdoor space looks good, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that it’s safe for you and your family.

Better plant health:

Did you know that dead and dying branches harbor pests and plant diseases that could slow down the growth of the hedge and spread throughout the garden?

If you’re leaving your bushes untrimmed, the overgrowth could cover slow-growing plants. With ample sunlight, low or slow-growing plants could die. Manage the growth of your plants with regular pruning, so they don’t have to compete for sunlight with taller bushes.

Regular pruning eliminates diseased or pest-ridden branches that could otherwise harm the health of your precious plants! A pair of garden shears is a must if you want to improve the health of your plants and hedges.

When is the best time for pruning?

Pruning should be done for the first couple of years after planting the hedges. Called formative pruning, it’s often done early in the spring or late in the winter season. These periods are usually when new growth starts developing.

Pruning season is March to July, ending by August when tender new growths develop after pruning. Routine pruning can be done once a year for shrubs and bushes, while hedges should be trimmed at least twice a year to maintain their shape.

How far back can you trim a hedge?

You don’t want to prune too closely to the bud if you want to encourage new growth. Don’t cut the branches flush against the trunk. Avoid cutting more than one-fourth of the plant’s height in a season. Don’t be afraid to prune bushes and hedges thinking that it’s hurting the plants, it won’t. Pruning is something that the plants need to remove deadwood.

When to prune flowering hedges?

Most flowering shrubs look better pruned before flowering except for lilacs, which look better when left to produce flowers first before pruning. Prune flowering trees, shrubs, and hedges like beautyberry, crape myrtle, gardenia, mimosa, and nandina, before the spring growth begins. Spring season shrubs and plants like azaleas, clematis, Bradford pear, and dogwoods are best pruned after producing flowers because the buds are produced the previous year and are not spring growth.

Although pruning hedges are only carried out a few times every year, the wrong tool can discourage gardeners from keeping their shrubs, bushes, and hedges neat all year long.

Ecogardener Hedge Shears User Guide

A person pressing the button of the ECOgardener Hedge Shears to extend it.


Just press the button, you can adjust the length of the scissors handle to your comfortable length. The shortest length is 26inch, longest length is 34inch.

A turnable knob to adjust the blade pressure for the ECOgardener Hedge Shears


The flower-bolt at the bottom of the blade can be used to rotate and adjust the pressure between the two blades.

A closeup of the shock absorbing plastic of ECOgardener Hedge Shears


It can not only reduce the noise, but also reduce most of the vibration during the trimming process, reduce the fatigue of the arm, and increase the comfort during long-term or high-intensity work.

Ecogardener Hedge Shears Dimensions

The dimension of ECOgardener Hedge Shears
ECOgardener Hedge Shears being extended