Compost Bin Installation Guide

1. Lay out all assembly parts

Ensure you have all parts within sight. Group together the two (2) identical side panels, two (2) different front panels, one (1) top lid panel, and one (1) side door panel.

2. Attach all four sides together

Put together one side panel with one front panel by securing the adjoining locks. Do the same for another side panel and front panel. Put all four sides together. The pieces will snap together and lock securely. You should have an erected bin with two pieces left to attach.

A GIF for attaching the four sides of the Compost Bin

3. Secure the top and lower center panel

Put the top panel that will act as the compost bin’s lid by securing the adjoining locks. The side door panel will slide and lock into place.

A GIF for assembling the top and lower center panel of the Compost Bin.

4. Lift the lid and add your scraps on top

Once you have your compost bin assembled and positioned on level ground in your garden, simply lift the lid and begin to add your yard and kitchen scraps.

5. Open the lower door panel to remove compost when ready

Once you’ve filled up your compost bin, and your compost is ready, simply lift the lower door panel and remove to fertilize your garden.

Watch the video to see our Compost Bin in action.