Raised Bed Installation Guide

1. Prepare The Area

Prepare the ground where you intend to place the garden bed by leveling the area and removing any grass or weeds from the soil. Assemble the raised bed as close to the final location as possible.

2. Lay Out All Assembly Parts

Ensure you have all the parts within sight. Group together the tall posts, horizontal boards, screws and caps for easy assembly.

3. Attach Tall Posts Together With Horizontal Boards

Hold one tall post vertically in one hand with the base on the ground. Slide the first horizontal board carefully into the groove of the post. Grab the second post and follow the same procedure so you have two posts with one horizontal board in between. Make sure that the two open grooves are facing in the right direction. Do the same with the second and third board until one side is complete.

Pro Tip: make sure that the post and board stay square when sliding the board into the groove so the board does not get stuck. If the joint is tight you can gently tap into place with another piece of wood or a mallet.

A GIF for attaching the tall post and the horizontal board of the Raised Bed Garden Planter

4. Build The Second Wall

Slide a horizontal board into the first leg to create the second side. The two sides will now be able to stand on their own. Take the third leg and slide onto the horizontal board. Add the second and third board to complete the second wall. Repeat until all the boards are in place.

A GIF for attaching the first and second walls of the Raised Bed Garden Planter

5. Secure The Wooden Caps With Screws

Once you have all boards attached together with the posts, secure the wooden caps on top of each post with a screw.

A GIF for securing the wooden caps of the Raised Bed Garden Planter

6. Fill With Soil

Adjust the position of the raised bed to the desired location and fill with soil.

Watch the video to see our Raised Bed in action.