8” Garden Pruning Shears - Premium Heavy Duty Hand Pruners

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Buy our ECOgardener 8” Pruning Shears for your garden maintenance! This Professional Heavy Duty Gardening Tool is crafted from forged steel with ergonomic handles to provide better cutting power, accuracy, and a secure grip. It’s our most durable hand pruning shears yet and it will be the last pruners you’ll ever own!

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Length: 20.32 cm

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Check out our easy-to-follow guide for using our 8" Pruning Shears.

Alloy Steel

Power through dead growths and twiggy branches with the ECOgardener 8” pruning shears. Crafted from forged steel with ergonomic handles, the ECOgardener 8” pruning shears provide better cutting power, accuracy, and a secure grip. It’s our most durable hand pruning shears yet and it will be the last pruners you’ll ever own!

  • High-intensity pruning in a compact design
  • Made from hardened steel
  • Razor-sharp bypass precision-ground blades
  • Ergonomic design
  • With soft silicone handles for a secure, comfortable grip
  • Low friction with smooth operation
  • Rust-proof, weather-proof, and low maintenance
  • Measures 54.5x30x28 CM

Pruning is only fun when you’re using a reliable tool like the ECOgardener 8" pruning shears. We’ve spent years perfecting the design to give you what you’ve always wanted in a pair of small pruning shears - power, accuracy, and durability!

High-intensity pruning: A small hand pruner that gets big jobs done in half the time! The ECOgardener 8" garden pruning shears optimize your pruning power, allowing you to make clean, precise cuts without damaging the branches being trimmed. This nifty tool lets you power through deadwood, even thick twiggy branches, and soft, delicate growths. Our pruning shears are easy to use with a simple design, there’s no need to tinker with it so you can get on with the pruning in a snap.

Durable design: Forged from hardened steel, the ECOgardener 8" pruning shears might be the last hand pruners you’ll ever use. Premium quality components are made to last for years with minimal care. It resists rust, corrosion, and everyday wear and tear. Use the ECOgardener eight inches pruning shears even on tough or gummy branches, you’ll never worry about breaking, nicking, or bending the blades. Its low-friction blades are sharp and they stay sharp for a long, long time.

Ergonomic shape: Regular pruning can be hard on the hands, arms, and shoulders that’s why the ECOgardener gardening shears are designed to provide utmost comfort. The compact shape and size of the pruning shears fit the shape of your hand perfectly. The stay-sharp blades make clean cuts with virtually zero effort while the handles have the perfect length to multiply your leverage for effortless trimming. The handles are also coated with soft silicone for a comfortable and secure grip.

Versatility: The ECOgardener gardening pruning shears suit men and women. Use it to trim plants, harvest fruits, shape bonsai plants, make flower arrangements, and any activity that requires cutting plant stems and buds. This tool offers easy, comfortable pruning with its contoured handle. The unique rolling design follows the natural motion of the hand as you trim plants for a more comfortable, secure grip. An innovative mechanism gives you more cutting power when you need it the most, enabling you to prune thick branches without straining. The bypass-style blades let you prune any kind of plant - woody shrubs, bonsai, succulents, etc.

Customer Reviews

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Great for the price

Love these. Great value for the price

Not the best

Cheap it broke the first use on sunflowers the blade jusy peeled away and bent I asked for a replacement

Very sharp

Nice product

Garden clippers

Easy to use. Sturdy.very sharp. Great price.


Upon first opening, there was a piece of cut metal sticking out which cut my finger. They cut well and are relatively sharp... But the clasp won't stay closed on mine. They pop open so easily.

Why Choose ECOgardener Pruning Shears?

Bypass-design blades: Pruning shears come in three distinct styles: Anvil, ratchet, and bypass pruners. Anvil pruners are meant to cut old, brittle deadwood, not so much when it comes to live wood. Ratchet pruners have straight, narrow blades. This type is perfect for cutting small to medium-sized branches but it requires much angling to avoid damaging the plants as you prune.

Bypass hand pruners like the ECOgardener gardening shears make precise, clean cuts on both deadwood and live wood. The heavy-duty blades do not require frequent sharpening. Hardened steel makes the blades impervious to nicking and bending. This blade style provides the cleanest and closest cuts because the blade can get closest to the base of the branch.

Impressive control and accuracy: When pruning with regular pruning shears, you’d often find yourself looking for the perfect angle before making the cut to avoid damaging the plant. Angling yourself to make a perfect cut every time will slow you down. Weak cutting will only hurt the plants, dull the blades, and cause muscle strain.

Our heavy duty pruning shears' razor-sharp blades optimize your cutting power at any angle without damaging the plants or straining the hands. The shears multiply your leverage, giving you control over the tool for quick, efficient cutting every single time.

Better plant health: Regular pruning helps maintain the shape and size of the plant. Removing dead, diseased, and dying growths also reduces the risk of infestation and contamination in the garden. Cutting back stems to the bud or branch also encourages healthy plant growth.

However, cutting at the wrong angle can hurt the plants. The razor-sharp bypass blades of our gardening pruning shears let you make quick, clean cuts, which minimizes damage caused by repeated trimming. The design of the blades makes it easier to angle the shears for better plant growth.

Long-lasting use: Pruning shears come in so many types and designs but not all are designed for tough pruning jobs like the ECOgardener heavy duty pruning shears. It’s the best pruning shears for lengthy pruning sessions thanks to the hardened carbon steel blades and ergonomic handles. Flimsy pruners break easily and these hurt the hands and wrists with every use. When pruning becomes uncomfortable, you might end up not doing it at all.

ECOgardener 8” Pruning Shears for Garden Maintenance

The ECOgardener 8" pruning shears could be the last pair of hand pruners you’ll ever own. The blades are weather-proof, resisting rust and corrosion no matter how often you use it. The blades won’t dull for a long time so no effort is wasted every time you make a cut. The best part? This tool doesn’t require maintenance apart from a quick wipe of oiled cloth after every use!

No garden is complete without a dependable pair of garden pruning shears! From shaping shrubs to harvesting fruits, cutting back dead and live wood to deadheading, no pruning tasks are too big for the ECOgardener 8" garden pruning shears. It's compact and lightweight so you can prune without fatigue yet work efficiently by optimizing your leverage.

Get the job done in half the time. Save yourself from pruning fatigue and get the ECOgardener small pruning shears today!

ECOgardener 8” Pruning Shears User Guide

The blade of ECOgardener 8 inch Pruning Shears

Durable and Sharp Curved Blades

Easily cuts green or dry branches and stems, the head is angled to prevent bending of wrist.

The ergonomic handle of ECOgardener 8 inch Pruning Shears

Ergonomic Handles

The handles features a non-slip grip which allows for easy one-handed use

ECOgardener 8 inch Pruning Shears showing the spring mechanism.

Smooth Action Spring

Reduces hand stress and fatigue

ECOgardener 8” Pruning Shears Dimensions

The dimension for ECOgardener ECOgardener 8 inch Pruning Shears