A plant being covered by a greenhouse polyfilm
A greenhouse using ecogardener greenhouse poly film
Plants enclosed in Ecogardener greenhouse poly film
Ecogardener black and white poly film
Greenhouse Clear Poly Film

Greenhouse Clear Poly Film

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  • MULTI-PURPOSE – Great for use as a Drop Cloth, Dust Cover or Moisture Barrier for Weather Proofing, Landscaping, Painting, Construction or Remodeling.
  • HEAVY DUTY - This tough seamless Poly Sheeting is 6 mil (0.006 Inch) thick so it is strong enough to handle most jobs around the home, office or job site.
  • UV TREATED – Our Plastic Film has been UV treated so it is suitable for outdoor use for up to 4 years.
  • LONG LASTING – Unlike other non-UV treated plastics our polyethylene sheeting is suitable for continual outdoor use so can be reused and recycled giving you better value for your money.
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