A little rabbit smelling a sunflower

Humane Ways to Protect Your Garden from Wildlife

Keeping wild animals from your garden shouldn’t mean poisoning them. Here are kinder, more humane ways to protect your garden from wildlife.
A budget garden

5 Clever Ways to Garden on a Budget

Bountiful gardening doesn’t mean breaking the bank. Here are ways to grow smarter while keeping to a budget.
Woman caring for her plants inside her house

Caring for Your Indoor Garden During Winter

Indoor garden care varies each season. When winter comes, your indoor plants may need a different set of care. Here are indoor winter gardening tips.

A beautiful garden full of colorful flowers

Beautifying Your Garden in 5 Steps

Gardens can go beyond providing us food and nourishment. Here are tips to design and beautify your garden to turn it into your very own piece of paradise.
Plants that are covered in snow

December Gardening: 5 Things You Need to Do

From preparing your tools to pruning and planting the right seeds, here are gardening tips for the month of December.

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How to Improve Soil Quality at Home

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The Best and Worst Companion Plants for Tomatoes