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10 Easy to Grow Flowering Plants for the Patio

It's a must to decorate the patio so the design is one with the rest of your outdoor landscape. However, it's quite tricky to grow certain plants in this area. Why? Unlike other parts of the yard, the patio is often in deep shade. In addition, most homes don’t come with a lot of patio space, which means you could only grow a certain variety of plants. But don’t worry, creating a green patio is easy as long as you know what kinds of plants are suitable in your region and microclimate.

1.) Croton

With its big, leathery leaves and striking green-yellow coloring, the croton will add gorgeous texture to any outdoor setting. As a patio plant, croton will only require moderate watering. It will grow much larger when exposed to the full sun but it will also do well in shaded growing environments.

Croton could be grown in-ground but it won’t have any problems settling in a container or pot. For best results, use well-drained soils. Croton is a fast grower although it won’t take over the whole patio. You’ll have to re-pot a couple of times to accommodate the growth of this houseplant.

Croton flower

2.) Pentas

With its clusters of dainty pink blossoms, pentas are sure to brighten your patio or deck. This plant is quite drought-tolerant, able to produce blooms even during the hottest weather conditions! Pentas also attract all sorts of pollinators, including butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.

Pentas do not need long exposure to the full sun to thrive. As long as there is enough light, it will thrive. This plant does not grow too big so it's perfect for small patios. It's also incredibly low maintenance and resistant to certain diseases. However, this plant is always thirsty so use moist, well-drained soils and water regularly!

Pentas Flower

3.) Lantana

Lantana is considered as an invasive plant but as long as its growth is contained, it makes for a beautiful accent plant for the patio! Lantana produces vividly hued yellow-orange blossoms that brighten the dreariest of spaces. What’s more, this plant is resilient! Lantana is drought resistant, it could thrive in hot, dry, and humid environments. In addition, lantana will do well when grown in a pot or planted in-ground.

If you live somewhere warm then you might have the spreading lantana variety. If you’d like to minimize the plant’s ability to spread all over the place, opt for the New Gold variety. This is a fruitless variety of Lantana that does not grow too big so it’s best for small gardens.


4.) Bromeliad

This striking tropical stunner could make the perfect patio accent with its emerald green foliage and violet-red blooms! Apart from adding beautiful pops of color to your patio or deck, Bromeliad is incredibly easy to grow and maintain. Propagating this drought-resistant plant is just as easy!

Bromeliads do not require frequent watering at all. It does, however, prefers moist soils and cannot tolerate standing water. Some varieties thrive under the full sun while there are some that will do better in the shade. Dappled light is more than enough to keep bromeliads healthy and bright.

Bromeliad flower

5.) New Guinea Impatiens

Impatiens is vulnerable to mildew but the New Guinea variety is resistant to this plant disease. What’s more, New Guinea impatiens produce such big, showy blossoms! This flowering plant will do well in partly sunny spots, perfect for adding a tropical flair to your patio or deck.

New Guinea impatiens has no problems growing in pots, just make sure that the soil is kept moist at all times. Also, if your patio gets a lot of sun, you need to set this plant away from direct sunlight, even in the afternoons.

New Guinea Impatiens flower

6.) Heliotrope

Heliotrope is a hardy, annual plant that’s distinct for its clusters of tiny, brightly colored flowers! This flowering plant is not only beautiful to look at, it’s also versatile. You could grow it in the garden or in your patio. It will thrive in partially shady to sunny growing environments. Heliotrope will also do well when grown in a pot or in-ground. Really, Heliotrope is one easy-going plant that would look lovely in your porch or patio.

One thing though, keep the soil moist because this plant is always thirsty. When it’s healthy, the Heliotrope will reward you with more flowers that smell like sweet vanilla.

Heliotrope flower

7.) Million Bells

Did you know that Million Bells is a new plant variety? It was only introduced in the 90s! Also known as calibrachoa, Million Bells is a cascading plant that produces the most colorful flowers. And producing flowers, the Million Bells do so at an incredibly fast rate. Plant several Million Bells in a basket or pot and they'll look wonderful when set in a corner or along walkways. Even in hot weather, Million Bells won’t have any problem growing and producing flowers.

8.) Begonia

This easy to maintain annual plant could survive a bit of neglect in a variety of growing conditions. Begonias make wonderful patio plants because these prefer partly shady growing environments. Use well-draining rich soils and add fertilizers regularly for maximum flower production.

When the conditions are right, begonias would produce an explosion of colorful flowers that contrast beautifully with their bright green foliage. Begonias are quite flexible, they could be planted in-ground or grown in containers and pots.

Begonia flower

9.) Tropical Hibiscus

If you want to highlight any part of your patio with showy, jumbo flowers then you simply cannot go wrong with hibiscus! This frills-free tropical plant is known for its big, bold, and beautiful flowers, making it a patio favorite!

Although tropical hibiscus thrives in most growing environments, it is sensitive to cold temperatures. This is the kind of patio plant that's best grown in a sunny spot to get the best color out of the blossoms. Also, the tropical varieties could grow up to 8 feet in height. It will fill a space quickly so trim regularly to maintain its size.

10.) Geranium

Geranium like the zonal or regal variety is a patio favorite because of its lovely pink-red flowers and emerald green foliage. A true gardener's favorite, geranium is one of the most versatile flowering plants you can find. You could grow it to accentuate beds, borders, and walkways or grow geraniums in pots to highlight your outdoor space.

Geraniums prefer the mild weather so they’ll do well in partially shady growing environments like the patio. Well-draining soils are a must for geraniums because most varieties are prone to water retention. The regal variety might be the most delicate of all geraniums but your efforts will be well rewarded with stunning flowers!

Geranium flower

Dress up your patio with beautiful explosions of colorful flowers. These flowering plants will do well in shady to partially shady environments; most of them could also thrive in sunny areas of the patio. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter to get the latest gardening tips and resources straight to your inbox!

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