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Weeding is backbreaking work; that’s why investing in key gardening tools helps ease the strain and avoid injuries. But with so many weeding tools out there, it’s hard to find one that truly works for you.

While weeding tools aren’t new, some designs can be quite gimmicky. Sadly, not all work for certain people, especially tools with complex designs. These can be cumbersome to use for people with mobility issues.

So what do the experts say? Which weeding tools are universally loved by users? If you’re in the market for a weeding tool, here are our recos:

5 Best Weeding Tools For Your Garden

Stand Up Weeding Tool

ecogardener weed puller

Do you suffer from back pain, painful joints, or a weak grip? If the answer is yes, then, weeding will take a toll on your joints. A stand-up weeder lets you pull weeds without crouching, kneeling, or even touching the weeds.

The manual stand-up weeder, like the ECOgardener weeder, features three to four serrated metal claws that grab and pull weeds by the roots for easy and clean removal. Near or directly over the claw head is a step plate that you will step on so the claw head can grab the weeds, plunge the claws into the soil then twist to pull it out. This tool is best for people who do not want to bend down to weed or suffering from mobility problems.

This tool can look deceivingly gimmicky, but you will never weed the same old way again once you get the hang of it.

Forked Weeder

This short-handled weeder features a forked metal tip akin to a snake’s tongue. What it does is it pulls the weeds from roots as you plunge the tip into the soil and then onto an upward motion. The simple design is quite effective, able to go deeply into the weed roots and pull invasive plants easily. It’s an excellent weeder to get if you’re only working on a small garden area. It’s not ideal for covering a large space because any short-handled gardening tool requires crouching or bending down, which can be strenuous.

Cobra-Head Weeder

cobra head weeder

This weeder is similar to a regular forked weeder with a slight variation in the design. It has a forked metal end and a curved metal leveraged base. The forked tip drives deeply into the soil, right into the weed roots, while the curved leverage base (similar to the shape of a cobra head) lets you get the perfect angle to pull the weeds in an upward motion. Because of the leveraged base, you can pull weeds without straining the wrist. Just like the forked weeder, the cobra-head weeder is best used in small spaces and not so much in big gardens because of the muscle strain.

Crevice Weeder

Also known as crack weeder, a crevice weeder has a shape similar to a sickle, but instead of a curved blade, it has an L-shaped blade. This tool comes with a sharpened angled blade to clear invasive plants of all kinds, including weeds. The sharpened blade can cut weeds off at soil level while the sharp tip pulls the weeds out in tight and narrow places. This tool is perfect for clearing weeds between patio pavers, driveways, pathways, etc.

Hori-Hori Weeding and Digging Knife

This simple garden knife features sharp edges (sometimes with a serrated edge) and a short wooden handle. It is used to dig and pull weeds from the ground. A Hori-Hori knife is a great tool to use if you have large weeds in the garden because the sharp point can dig deeply into the plant roots for easy cutting and pulling. The design is quite simple, and it does the job efficiently. However, this garden knife is best used to clear weeds in small areas.

ecogardener gardening tools

Eliminating weeds in the garden may be hard work, but with these tools, it’s possible to maintain a pristine garden and keep invasive plants away without using herbicides. We’ve got a host of garden tools in the shop, including our newest weeder, the ECOgardener stand-up weed puller. Shop now and complete your gardening essentials.

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