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Following a specific theme or design helps improve a garden’s overall look and function. Depending on the garden design, a garden can attract pollinators or produce organic fruits and vegetables, for example. If you have a flower garden design, your garden bursts into life every spring with a riot of colors. Or, for an herb garden, you can pick fresh herbs all year round.

Beautiful Garden Ideas For Your Space

What type of garden do you want to see in your home? Here are seven types of beautiful gardens that you can do in your space.

Urban Garden

young girl watering her vegetable garden

An urban garden is designed to thrive in small spaces or cramped corners that do not receive a lot of sunlight. The design maximizes every square inch of space with pots, hanging baskets, portable trellises, tiered raised beds, pot shelves, and other space-saving structures. For a cohesive design, stick to a simple color palette and use pots with complementing colors and textures. Keep the hardscaping materials at a bare minimum if you’re working with a small space.

Raised Bed Garden

raised bed garden

Another space-saving garden design is a raised garden bed. It’s much easier to organize your plants when they are growing in a raised bed. You can use a traditional raised bed design or a tiered garden design to squeeze in more space for growing plants. You can make your own raised beds or buy a raised bed online. However you’d like to create a raised bed garden, be sure to use non-treated wood.

Vegetable Garden

The most popular type of garden is the traditional vegetable garden. Growing vegetables is not only fun, but it’s also fulfilling because you will enjoy the literal fruits of your labor come harvest season. Growing your own food has many advantages; you have access to fresh, high-quality fruits and vegetables, you’ll save money on grocery shopping and commuting, and you’re also engaging in conscientious practices that will do the earth good. Of course, maintaining a vegetable garden takes a lot of work, but it’s well worth it when you’re feeding your family with healthy food.

Flower Garden

flower garden

Another classic garden type, a flower garden can be a mix of different flowers or a single variety. A rose, tulip, or orchid garden are great examples of a flower garden using just one type of flower. A garden with exotic flowers is a type of flower garden consisting of different varieties. You can also mix and match different flowers for color so that by the time the blooming season rolls in, your flower garden will be awash with specific colors.

Herb Garden

indoor herb garden

An herb garden is one of the easiest garden types to maintain because the plants are resilient and generally low maintenance. Herb gardens come in many sizes, and even a shallow, wide pot can be turned into an herb garden if you only have a few square feet of space to spare! As long as the area receives sunlight for at least 6 to 8 hours daily, you can grow various herbs indoors or outdoors. You can grow herbs from seed using an herb kit or buy seedlings from your local plant nursery.

Container Garden

As the name implies, a container garden is a garden consisting of pots or containers of different sizes. Container gardens are ideal for small spaces, like patios and balconies. As for the kind of containers to use, it’s not just limited to the traditional terracotta pots. You can use wooden tubs, barrels, baskets, and even a rusting wheelbarrow to create a container garden.

Indoor Garden

indoor flowers in living room

Rounding up our list of the different garden designs is an indoor garden. Not all people with backyards can tend to an outdoor garden. For example, the climate may be too harsh, the growing season in your region is too short, or you simply prefer the beauty of an indoor garden. An indoor garden can be as simple as a few potted plants in an arrangement or as complex as a soil-less installation with climate and temperature controls. Depending on the setup, an indoor garden is easy to maintain and space-efficient!

Buy Your Gardening Supplies From A Trusted Store

What kind of garden design should you choose? It all depends on certain factors, such as the size of the space, the local climate, the amount of sunlight a space receives in a day, and your preference. As long as you have all the tools you need, you can start building your dream garden.

As always, don’t forget to buy all your gardening essentials from a trusted online shop. ECOgardener offers high-quality, eco-friendly products that can help you with your DIY and professional gardening.

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