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During this pandemic, countless have turned to growing for inner calm and peace. For instance, indoor gardens have paved the way for more urban gardeners to develop their green thumbs. Now that it’s winter, understanding how to care for your indoor plants is crucial for them to get through this season.

Caring for your indoor garden during winter means paying more attention to small yet big-impact details. Since not all plants are hardy during this season and with the changes in light, wind and temperature, knowing is already half the battle.

Here are expert tips to get you through indoor winter gardening.

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1. Let the Light in

During winter, the sun tends to position itself significantly lower than in summer. If you’re fortunate enough to have a South-facing window with plenty of sunlight to let in, by all means make the most of it.

Don’t fret if you don’t have enough natural light to welcome indoors. The best thing about indoor plants is they are receptive to supplemental light such as T5 HO lights. These ones produce the ideal amount of 6,400 kelvins of light necessary for vegetative growth that will surely help your herbs. Plus, they don’t consume much power at all.

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2. Be Mindful of the Cold Wind

Not all plants are hardy and resistant to the cold. Herbs such as basil aren’t too good with significantly cold weather. So the best thing to do is to move them indoors and away from the icy air. On the other hand, vegetables like kale are quite resistant and adaptive to the cold weather. You won’t need to worry about them so much. Having proper humidity also helps a lot.

Remember that root temperature is much more important than foliage temperature. Ensure that the former is warm and just a little moist, never wet. Alternatively, if the cool air is making the soil dry much faster, always use the basic finger check technique to keep your soil and watering in line.

3. Set up Containers and Kits

Gardening tools are your best friend, especially during this season. Another indoor winter garden tip is to set up containers and grow kits so you can maximize your space inside the house. You can position these containers as a living wall on a corner of your home, and have your grow kits by on your kitchen counter.

It can be incredibly gratifying to see your plants growing from these containers, giving you a better opportunity for a bountiful harvest indoors. Plus, it also makes them much easier to maintain and care for.

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4. Don’t Obsess about Starting from Scratch

There’s a lot to dream about when starting an indoor garden. If you’re a newbie, tread easily. Take the time to find which works for you and your schedule. Overcommitting when you are preoccupied often may lead to your plants getting neglected. This will particularly be useful when the cold arrives.

Research the best plants that are more independent and low maintenance. Choose from a local nursery and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Let your indoor garden continue to be an expression of yourself even in the coldest winter. Remember this simple yet effective ways so your garden can continue to thrive.

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