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Burlap fabric is a resilient natural material, so it’s easily one of the most versatile tools you can use in and around the garden. And there is more to burlap than being an eco-friendly alternative to landscape fabric – you can use it to decorate the garden!

If you have rolls of burlap to spare, here are quick DIY projects you can do on a weekend.

How to Use Burlap to Decorate Your Garden: Ideas and Inspiration

Using burlap in garden decor can add a rustic and natural touch to your outdoor space. Here are some creative ways to incorporate burlap into your garden decor:

Flower Pot Covers

vegetable garden greenhouse

This is a simple yet stylish way to add personality to your potted plants. Plus, burlap’s breathable texture allows air to circulate, promoting healthy growth for your green companions.

Start by gathering your materials: burlap fabric, scissors, twine or ribbon, and your favorite potted plants.

First, measure the circumference and height of your pot. Add an extra inch to each measurement for seam allowance. Cut a rectangle from the burlap according to these dimensions.

Next, fold the burlap rectangle in half lengthwise, with the wrong side facing out. Secure the open side with pins or clips. Then, stitch along the edge using a simple running stitch, leaving the top and bottom open.

Once you’ve sewn the side, turn the cover right side out. Slide your flower pot into the cover, adjusting the fabric to fit snugly.

Now add some embellishments – cut a length of twine or ribbon and wrap it around the top of the cover, tying it into a bow or knot. This not only adds a decorative touch but also keeps the cover securely in place.

For an extra flourish, try covering the burlap pot covers with lace, buttons, or even painted designs. Let your creativity bloom!

And there you have it— your own hand-made burlap flower pot cover. Go ahead, dress up those pots, and let your garden shine!

As Decorative Coir Liners

burlap coir liner hanging plants

Coir liners are perfect for hanging baskets, planters, and window boxes, providing a cozy home for your plants while adding a touch of natural beauty to your outdoor space. Burlap is a sturdy natural material; it’s perfect as a coir liner.

To create burlap coir liners, begin by measuring the dimensions of your container. You’ll want to cut a piece of burlap large enough to line the inside and hang over the edges.

Once you have your burlap measured and cut, soak it in water. This step helps to soften the fibers, making it easier to mold and shape.

After soaking, wring out the excess water from the burlap. You want it damp, not dripping wet. Now, carefully line the inside of your container with the burlap, pressing it firmly against the sides and bottom.

If you’re using a hanging basket or planter, allow the excess burlap to hang over the edges. This will create a neat, finished look once your plants are in place.

Now, it’s time to fill your container with potting soil and your favorite plants. The burlap coir liner will provide support for the soil while allowing excess water to drain away, keeping your plants happy and healthy.

As your plants grow, the burlap will develop a charming, weathered patina, adding vintage appeal to your garden.

Grow Bags for Potted Herbs

Burlap makes a terrific alternative to unsightly herb pots as grow bags. This is a great way to grow herbs while making your garden look neat and organized.

To craft these mini burlap grow bags, gather burlap fabric, scissors, a ruler, and potting soil.

Start by cutting squares of burlap fabric to your desired size. Aim for squares large enough to accommodate the roots of your herbs while allowing for ample soil space.

Fold each square of burlap in half to create a rectangle. Then, stitch along the two open sides, leaving the top open. A basic running stitch works well for this task.

Once you’ve sewn the sides, turn the bags inside out to reveal their charming burlap texture. Fill each bag with potting soil, leaving enough room at the top for planting your herbs. Gently pat down the soil to ensure it’s evenly distributed.

Now, it’s time to plant your herbs! Choose your favorite herbs —such as basil, parsley, or chives—and carefully transplant them into the bags.

Water your newly potted herbs, ensuring the soil is evenly moistened. Burlap’s breathable texture will help to maintain proper moisture levels while allowing excess water to drain away.

Arrange your mini burlap grow bags in a sunny spot indoors or outdoors, where your herbs can thrive. These charming containers not only provide a cozy home for your plants but also add a touch of rustic elegance to your garden or kitchen windowsill.

Vertical Burlap Planter

Use burlap to transform your walls into vibrant gardens! A wall planter made from burlap is an eco-friendly and stylish solution for small spaces or adding greenery to your home decor.

To create your burlap wall planter, you’ll need burlap fabric, scissors, a wooden dowel or curtain rod, twine or rope, and your favorite plants.

Begin by cutting the burlap fabric into rectangular strips, each about twice the width you desire for your planter pockets. Fold each strip in half lengthwise to create a pocket, with the open side at the top.

Next, fold the top edge of each pocket over and stitch it down to create a sturdy hem. This will prevent the burlap from fraying and ensure your pockets can hold the weight of the plants.

Once you’ve hemmed the pockets, fold the bottom edge of each strip up to create the bottom of the pocket. Stitch along the sides to secure the bottom in place, leaving the top open.

Now, it’s time to attach the pockets to your wooden dowel or curtain rod. Lay the dowel horizontally and arrange the pockets evenly along its length, with the open ends facing downward. Use twine or rope to tie each pocket to the dowel, ensuring they are securely attached.

Once your pockets are in place, fill them with potting soil and plant your favorite flowers, herbs, or succulents. Hang your burlap wall planter in a sunny spot indoors or outdoors, and watch as it transforms your walls into a lush oasis of greenery!

Storage Bags for Herbs

a burlap sack of soybeen seeds

Use burlap as mini bags to store fresh or dried herbs. These adorable burlap bags not only add a touch of farmhouse flair to your kitchen but also keep your herbs fresh and easily accessible. You can also give away herbs in mini burlap bags for your next special event!

To craft your mini burlap herb bags, gather burlap fabric, scissors, a ruler, a sewing needle, and thread.

First, measure and cut squares of burlap fabric to your desired size. Aim for squares large enough to comfortably hold your herbs but small enough to be easily manageable.

Once you have your squares cut, fold each one in half to form a rectangle. Then, stitch along the two open sides, leaving the top open. You can use a simple running stitch for this step.

After sewing the sides, turn the bags right side out to show the burlap texture.

Now, it’s time to fill your bags with herbs. Choose your favorite culinary delights—basil, rosemary, thyme, whatever suits your taste—and carefully place them inside each bag.

Once your bags are filled, tie the top with a piece of twine or ribbon to secure the herbs inside. This adds a decorative touch while also keeping your herbs fresh.

Arrange your mini burlap herb bags on a windowsill or countertop, where they’ll add a delightful farmhouse elegance to your kitchen decor. Not only are they practical for storing herbs, but they also make charming gifts for friends and family who appreciate the simple joys of homegrown flavors.

Garden Tool Organizer

Maximize your gardening space with a vertical burlap tool organizer, bringing order and efficiency to your outdoor space. This simple yet ingenious solution keeps your essential gardening tools within easy reach in your garden shed or outdoor area.

To create your vertical burlap tool organizer, gather burlap fabric, a wooden dowel or curtain rod, scissors, a ruler, and a sewing needle with thread.

Begin by cutting a piece of burlap fabric to your desired size, ensuring it’s large enough to hold your tools without ripping. Fold the top edge of the fabric over to create a pocket, leaving enough room to slide your wooden dowel or curtain rod through.

Once you’ve folded the top edge, stitch along the sides to secure the pocket in place, leaving the bottom open. This will ensure your tools stay securely in the organizer.

Next, insert your wooden dowel or curtain rod through the pocket at the top of the burlap fabric. This will serve as the hanger for your vertical organizer.

Now, it’s time to customize your organizer to fit your gardening needs. Use scissors to create smaller pockets along the length of the burlap fabric, stitching the sides to secure them in place. These pockets are perfect for holding hand tools, gloves, seed packets, and other gardening essentials.

Hang your vertical burlap tool organizer in a convenient location, such as on a shed wall or near your garden beds. Your tools will be neatly organized and readily accessible whenever you need them, making gardening tasks a breeze. With this clever burlap organizer, your tools are always tidy while adding a touch of countryside flair to your outdoor space.

As you can see, burlap is a versatile material for all sorts of DIY projects. So the next time you’re feeling creative, roll out the burlap fabric and start making functional decors for your garden and beyond.

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