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Want to make sure that your garden looks best next year? It’s never too early to talk about the garden design trends for 2022!

While there's no need to chase every trend, popular designs affect the world around us, including our gardens. And if you want to achieve a perfectly functioning outdoor space, one that you'd be proud to show off, better know what's good for next year and try to change things up in the garden.

Gardening Ideas for Next Year

Here are some of our fearless forecasts for garden design trends 2022:

Herb Gardens

Woman holding indoor herbs

Because of the lockdowns, more people are getting into gardening than ever before. And because herbs are some of the most beginner-friendly plants to grow, we’ll definitely see a lot of herb gardens popping up in people’s yards everywhere.

The great thing about growing herbs is that the plants themselves do not grow too big. This means the plants could be grown indoors and outdoors, even in small spaces - like an apartment or a condo. Blank spaces like a balcony, a sunny corner, or a windowsill are plenty enough space for an herb garden too. As long as the area receives the full sun, it’s an excellent spot for a small herb garden. You can get an herb kit to grow herbs from seed or you can checkout our partner plant center in Melbourne.

Natural Forms and Organic Shapes

planting herbs using hands

Over-structured trends with defined architectural lines and manicured lawns are out. Making way are natural forms and organic shapes in the garden. That means clipping plants into odd shapes and balls are no longer de rigueur, along with design elements that feature harsh lines and artificial forms. It’s all about letting the plants grow naturally, taking a more organic form, and spreading smooth, organic shapes in and around your outdoor space.

Outdoor Family Spaces

What's the point of building a beautiful outdoor space if we can’t share it with people we love? The most rewarding thing about building a garden is to share it with our loved ones, see their eyes lighting up as they explore nature, and essentially have a good time enjoying a space you worked so hard on. Creating spaces for the children, young and older children alike, will be en vogue in 2022. With the bleakness of 2020 and the uncertainty of 2021 behind us now, it’s about turning every experience into a cherished memory this 2022.

Dedicating a space for a modest playground, a BBQ, a vegetable patch, or a lounge area where teens could hang out with their friends will be all the rage. Most kids spend a lot of time with their mobile devices, and these outdoor spaces give plenty of opportunities to bond with the family, experience nature, and get off their screens.

Vegetable Patch

raised bed with plants

Another trendy garden design that you can expect this 2022 is a vegetable patch. Because people are staying at home longer, people are returning to simple living. The longer hours spent at home with the family will fire up our desire to nurture ourselves, our family, and our spaces.

Instead of maintaining a garden to achieve a particular look, people will convert some of their outdoor spaces to a vegetable garden. It’s all about getting our hands dirty, growing our own food, and enjoying the homegrown produce we worked so hard for. You can dedicate a small spot for a vegetable patch or a full-scale plot complete with raised garden beds or tiered garden beds for a sizable vegetable garden.

Outdoor Hangout

We predict that gardens will transform into an outdoor escape for people who love hosting friends and family. If you love celebrating events at home or simply hanging out with friends indoors, next year’s garden design trend is all about hanging outside, taking in the fresh air, and enjoying nature beyond the confines of your indoor living spaces.

In 2022, building seating areas, decks, BBQ pits, or cozy reading nooks will be on-trend. Everything that encourages rest and relaxation or sparks a conversation in the garden will be a part of this trend.

Wild and Free

gbunch of plants and flowers

Think a beautiful meadow filled with wildflowers dancing in the wind - one of the garden designs that will hit it big next year involves making outdoor spaces look and feel natural and authentic. It’s all about letting the flowers bloom, the plants flourish, and the vines creep without letting the vegetation take over. Stop with the heavy snipping and mowing and let nature beautify your space.

Picture a garden filled with dahlias, honeysuckle, paper daisies, and marigold blooms, allowing the plants to frame the space. 2022 is all about embracing untamed nature, going for a low-maintenance design, and adding textures and layers to make the garden look as sustainable and unrestrained as possible.

Native Planting

at backyard garden of plants and flower

Gone are the days when exotic plants are making their way into every garden. 2022 is going big on indigenous planting. Check out all the native plants in your region and start filling the garden with these. The goal is to create a thriving outdoor space that conserves biodiversity.

One of the best things about native planting is that it encourages indigenous wildlife to thrive, such as butterflies, birds, bees, lizards, and various insects. You can also experiment by adding not-so-common greeneries that thrive in your local climate, including different grasses, aloes, euphorbias, etc.

Alfresco Dining in Your Garden

Everyone’s so excited to go out that the garden will be transformed into an outdoor space for cooking and eating. Build a breakfast nook in the garden, complete with a small kitchen. If you’ve got an herb garden and a vegetable patch nearby, building a small kitchen and dining area right in the garden makes cooking a breeze. Cook summer meals with ease, entertain friends, and bond with the family in your own little outdoor paradise!

A Magical Landscape

Dressing up your deck can do wonders for your garden’s overall aesthetic. But we don’t mean buying fixtures and grandiose furniture. Sometimes, it can be as simple as making sure you install the right deck lights.

Whether you choose to add twinkling fairy lights or a simple outdoor chandelier, the right lighting installment will turn any drab space into a magical hangout come nightfall.

Gardening Supplies for Your Next Garden Design

The year 2022 is all about embracing nature, going back to the basics, and nurturing relationships. This trend will influence garden designs through organic shapes, letting plants and blooms thrive unrestrained, and building outdoor spaces conducive to conversation and reconnection.

Planning for a new look for your garden? Don’t forget to check out our store for gardening supplies and materials! Shop now and transform your outdoor space into the garden of your dreams.

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