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Want to give raised bed gardening a try? Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a lot of space to build a garden - much more use raised beds to keep your plants neat and organized. If space is an issue and a traditional raised bed does not fit your living space, we highly suggest getting elevated raised beds.

What are elevated raised garden beds and how can these planters improve your garden? Check out these tips:

What is an Elevated Raised Bed?

woman watered plants in ecogardener Elevated Raised garden beds

Elevated raised beds are raised, elevated garden beds with legs. Essentially, the raised bed has a deep, rectangular planter box with “legs” to elevate the plants.

Traditional raised beds do not have a bottom and are larger in size. Elevated raised beds have a bottom so the soil is contained within the planter box and the size of the beds are smaller compared to traditional raised beds. The elevation is also designed for convenience --- you don’t have to kneel or bend while gardening.

There are three types of elevated raised beds: those built specifically at the height of the gardener (custom-made), raised elevated garden beds with adjustable height and raised beds with a fixed height like the ECOgardener elevated raised beds. All of these products work the same way. However, custom-made raised beds are more expensive than the other two just because the product is made specifically for you.

Benefits of Elevated Raised Bed Gardening

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Easy Gardening: Gardening is fun but let’s face it, the activity can be back-breaking too! If you have mobility issues or you’re tired of bending and kneeling when tending to the garden, you will love the convenience that you’ll experience with elevated raised beds. The planter is elevated so you don’t have to strain your back as you care for your plants. If you suffer from backaches, painful knees, inflamed hip joints, muscle pains, or joint pains of any kind, you'll find that elevated raised beds are kinder to the body.

Better Weed Control: If you’re tired of pulling weed by hand or avoid using herbicide to keep pesky weeds at bay, give elevated raised beds a try. Fewer weeds will grow because the plants are contained in a space away from the ground. And those few that do make it to the garden beds are easy to pull away by hand. Also, since the container is elevated, you won’t strain a muscle getting rid of weeds.

Protection from Pests: Think of elevated raised beds as protection from burrowing and munching pests like rabbits or groundhogs. The elevated beds serve as a barrier that keeps pests of all kinds away from your precious crops, especially ground-dwelling pests.

Protection from DIseases: Soil-borne diseases won’t ruin your harvest because the soil is contained within the raised bed. It’s not in contact with the ground so the crops are protected from fungal diseases. Water drains away quickly with the ECO Gardener elevated raised beds to avoid waterlogged plant roots.

Beautiful and Space Efficient: If your living space is not big enough for an expansive garden with multiple segments for vegetables, herbs, flowering plants, etc., you can use elevated raised beds to maximize every square inch of space. With just several elevated raised garden beds, you can make your indoor or outdoor space work harder, while organizing your garden and designing a beautiful space that you will be proud to show off.

Few Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing for Elevated Raised Bed

backyard garden with ecogardener Elevated raised bed

Shopping around for raised elevated garden beds? Here are some factors to keep in mind:

Drainage: Choose a product that promotes proper drainage no matter what kind of soil you use. The raised beds should drain water away when using clay soil or maintain moisture in sandy, loose soil.

Materials: Elevated raised beds aren’t exactly cheap, so choose a well-made product, one that will last you years. Our rot-resistant, weather-resistant, raised elevated beds are made from 100% non-toxic fir wood for extreme durability and strength. The material won't attract insects and fungus. The elevated raised bed assembles in minutes and lasts for years!

Size: Choose an elevated raised bed that suits the size of your space. It’s best to measure the space and base your decision accordingly. The dimension of the beds will also affect the growth of the plants. The planter must be deep enough to handle root crops while providing plenty of room for plants to grow. The height of the raised beds is just as important. Be sure that it’s not too tall that you’re getting a crick in your neck trying to reach up or too low that you’re straining your back.

Maintenance: Raised beds are the kind of product you set and forget. Raised beds shouldn’t be a pain to maintain. Avoid raised beds that require yearly staining or painting. Don’t go for raised beds made with flimsy materials that warp too easily. Choose a product made specifically for outdoors because often, the raised bed will be constantly exposed to sunlight.

Elevated raised beds make a lovely addition to any garden. These products will improve the look of your outdoor or indoor space while also making gardening a breeze! As long as you choose the right product, elevated raised beds will last for years. Go ahead and treat yourself to the perfect gift; get an elevated raised bed today!

ecogardener Elevated Raised garden bed

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