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If you are keeping up with the latest gardening trends, you may also have come across the term smart garden. Using technology to enhance the whole gardening experience is one of the newest trends to come this year.

But if you are one of those old-fashioned ones who are not familiar with smart gardening, here’s an explanation: it’s basically gardening but with the help of technological gardening devices controlled by a computer hub or smartphone, the whole gardening technique is boosted and improved.

How Smart Garden Works

The answer to this depends on what kind of model you are going for. But you can consider this:

A smart garden works the same as a coffee machine. But instead of coffee pods, there are biodegradable plant pods that you can insert into a smart garden. Once those plant pods have been installed, you can plug them in and then relax.

Smart gardens can also connect to your smartphone through Wi-Fi. For instance, an internet connection from Xfinity packages allows all Wi-Fi devices within a range to communicate with each other. You can receive alerts on your smartphone for when the water is low, your water tank needs to be filled up again, or you can monitor the temperature of your plants.

This means that smart gardens come with an app. Whatever manufacturer or brand you go for, it comes with a specified app that makes it easier for you to connect with your plants from your smartphone.

A smart garden has made it easier than ever to grow herbs, fruits, salad, and flowers at home. It also has benefits for your physical health as well as stress levels and emotions.

Features of Smart Garden

There are different ways that smart gardens work since each manufacturer has their own designs and features introduced into their models of smart gardens.

However, most of them share the following features:

Automated Watering System

All you need to do is fill water into the unit, and the smart garden distributes some amount of water to all plants. The smart garden uses capillary actions to deliver water to all plants from a water source.

Modern garden with automated UV lights

Automated Lights

Sunlight is essential for plants.

Smart gardens use an integrated smart lighting system to provide lighting to all plants. They are pretty energy efficient as well as emit less UV rays.

Smart Soil Sensors

Since smart gardens use a soil-based system, a smart soil sensor is important for detecting and optimizing different levels of soil components that the plants need. Features of a smart soil sensor include checking levels of moisture, fertilizer, and temperature.

Benefits of a Smart Garden

Now comes the part where we list the reasons how having a smart garden system has benefits for you:


When it comes to food that grows in your smart garden, there is nothing fresher.

Fresh fruits and vegetables from your smart gardens will feel and taste fresher than store-bought ones. People enjoy fruits and vegetables so much that they often buy them even when they know they aren’t in season.

But with homegrown food, the experience is definitely better. You can grow all kinds of food in your smart garden.


Having a smart garden system brings about a high-tech and convenient lifestyle to your home.

You receive fresh air with the help of your smart indoor garden system. It helps to stay fit as well as gives you the opportunity to have fresh fruits and vegetables.

A smart garden offers convenience and ease of use. All you need to do is provide water and electricity and everything else is taken care of for you.

vegetable garden greenhouse

Stress Relief

Having a smart garden is a great stress reliever.

You are around a soothing environment that allows you to relax and meditate with the sound of trickling water and the soft glow of smart lighting.

Another stress reliever is that the smart garden doesn’t need as much care for it as much as the traditional gardening system. All you need to do is add water and seeds. Then on your smartphone, you can monitor the health of your plants, and manage the lighting system as well as temperature and humidity levels.

Final Thoughts

The smart garden industry may seem new, but it isn’t really. It is gradually rising and becoming a big part of the home lifestyle.

More and more people are becoming health-conscious and moving toward integrating a smart garden system into their homes.

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