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There’s nothing like a beautiful herb garden to brighten up your living space. And with our herb kits, it’s so easy to grow your favorite herbs like thyme, sage, chives, oregano, and more.

You can always buy your starter plants for an instant herb garden. But, where’s the fun in that?

If you want to try your hand at growing different herbs, buying the seeds yourself and growing them by hand is the best way to go. For beginner gardeners, we suggest getting your herb garden kits. The ECO Gardener herb kits come with all the materials you need to grow herbs successfully:

  • Biodegradable bamboo growing pots
  • 5 packs of non-GMO seeds
  • 5 bamboo plant markers
  • Coconut soil disks

Different herbs have different growing needs. But the great thing about herb garden kits is that the seeds are fast germinating. As long as you have a sunny spot in your living space, you can transform it into an herb garden. And if you want to create an herb garden on a sunny windowsill, try these tips:

Why Build an Herb Garden Indoor?

Winter-Proof Gardening

If you have an outdoor garden, why build an herb garden indoors? An outdoor garden is exposed to the elements, which means the growing season is limited to a few months each year. Depending on where you live, plants die when the weather gets too cold. An indoor garden lets you grow different plants all year long, including herbs. With an indoor herb garden, you get an endless supply of fresh herbs to season your everyday dishes.

indoor herb garden

Save Space

Got no room for a garden? No problem! An herb garden is perfect for container gardens. The herbs do not grow too big and require less room in between plants. You can group herbs with similar growing needs together to save even more space. You can even grow two to three different herbs in a single pot (companion planting) to save even more room as long as these plants complement each other.

Optimize Empty (and Sunny!) Spaces

If your living space is dotted by sunny, blank spaces, then you can transform these areas into an herb garden. Imagine having an indoor garden that you and your family will enjoy for years to come!

And it doesn’t matter how small the growing area is because herbs do not grow too big, especially with all the pruning you’ll do once they’ve reached their full height. From a small balcony to a windowsill, even the tiniest slices of space could be turned into a thriving herb garden.

indoor herb garden

How To Grow Herbs Indoors on a Sunny Windowsill

Virtually all kitchens have a window because the room needs proper air circulation to keep food fresh and reduce foul odors. A windowsill is a perfect place for an herb garden because there’s plenty of sunshine to take advantage of, and the space is just enough to grow small plants. Most herbs only grow to 20 to 24 inches, so you can definitely plant several herbs on a tiny windowsill.

A large window sill garden

The best part? Most herbs only require minimal care and will grow well in containers. But before building an herb garden, please keep a couple of these tips in mind:

Check the Sunshine: Be sure that the space is getting a minimum of 6 hours of sunshine so the herbs will grow healthy and flavorful. A south or southwest window would be perfect for growing herbs. If the windowsill is not getting enough sunlight, don’t fret. You can always install some type of plant lighting to keep your herbs healthy and thriving.

Grow only the Essentials: Herbs require regular pruning to maintain their flavor and encourage new growths. These plants are fast growers too, so it’s important to plant only the herbs that you’ll use plenty of. If you’re not pruning the herbs frequently, they’ll produce blooms, which will alter the herb’s flavor. The overgrowth could also crowd the garden and stunt the growth of nearby herbs.

Mind the Spacing: Yes, most herbs are pretty small, but they’ll still need a few inches of space in between to prevent crowding. Be sure that the windowsill has enough space to support several herbs with a bit of breathing room to spare. If you must, get the dwarf varieties so you can add more herbs to your garden.

Choose Herb Kits: Growing herbs from seed are not only rewarding but affordable too compared to buying starter plants. Yes, the herbs will require more attention, but as long as you’re getting seeds with a high germination rate like ECO Gardener herb kits, your success in growing herbs from seed is virtually guaranteed.

Avoid Wet Soil: Water only when the soil is dry to the touch. Herbs hate wet soil, and standing water leads to disease and root rot. Be sure to use well-draining soil and containers with drainage holes. Our herb kits come with coconut coil soil and bamboo growing pots with drainage holes. Excess water just drains away, keeping the soil moist but never wet! Just pop a saucer underneath the pots to avoid damaging the windowsill.

Growing herbs on a windowsill is so easy; even a newbie gardener won’t have trouble building a thriving herb garden. Our ECO Gardner herb kits take the guesswork out of building a windowsill garden but don’t take our word for it. Order today and give them a try!

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