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The holiday season is just around the corner so it’s time to think of great gifts to give the gardeners in your life! What kinds of gifts will a gardener appreciate? What are the most useful items to give a gardener?

This year should be full of surprises! We have prepared a list of useful items that you could give to a plant lover this yuletide season.

Best Holiday Gardening Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers

Yes, you may now be thinking of an awesome gift for a gardener friend or family member. Here are 10 best gifts for people in your list.

Bypass Hand Pruner

8 pruning shears

Maintaining a garden takes regular pruning, and many gardeners would appreciate a hand pruner. But not just any hand pruner will do! Get an ergonomic hand pruner with bypass-style blades so your gardener friend can make clean cuts quickly and efficiently.

As you know, the hand pruner comes in two styles, anvil and bypass blades. An anvil hand pruner has one sharp blade that closes to an anvil bottom. It’s ideal for cutting deadwood. On the other hand, a bypass pruner has two sharp blades that make clean cuts in a scissor action. Clean cuts minimize trauma, enabling plants to recover quickly from pruning.

Herb Kit

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No garden is complete without herbs! And if your gardener friend loves growing fresh, delicious herbs to season everyday dishes, you can give several herb kits this holiday season.

Herbs make terrific plants for beginners and busy gardeners. Most are easy to grow and low-maintenance. Some even thrive on neglect, like basil and mint! Unlike regular seed packets, an herb kit comes with several complementing herbs and essential gardening materials like growing pots and potting mix. All you have to do is to plant seeds, and within a few weeks, you’re ready to harvest.

Garden Accessories

Garden decors are the perfect gift for a gardener who has everything! Most outdoor decors are affordable, so you can create a gift pack of different decors to impress even the most experienced growers. Hand-blown glass containers, wooden plant labels, stone lamps, garden gnomes – these are the most popular garden decors you can give away as gifts.

Tiered Raised Bed

ECOgardener raised bed planters

A tiered raised bed makes the perfect gift for newbie gardeners with no space to spare for a big garden. Apart from looking beautiful when filled with different plants, you can plant more varieties in a tiered raised bed. It’s also much easier to organize a small garden because of the tiered compartments.

What’s more, a tiered raised bed is incredibly space efficient. These come in different sizes, but most are designed for small spaces. It’s just a matter of finding the perfect one made with durable materials. Opt for raised beds made from untreated wood. The material is resilient, and chemicals won’t leach into the soil.

Hori-Hori Knife

Who doesn’t love a versatile tool that can replace most gardening essentials? A hori-hori knife is a dual-bladed soil knife with a serrated edge on one side and a sharp blade on the other. The knife also comes with a semi-sharp point. This tool does everything from removing weeds to digging soil and cutting overgrowths. It’s compact, light, easy to use, and incredibly handy, so every gardener should have one.

A Mini Gardening Tool Set

You can’t go wrong with this gifting idea for a gardener who prefers to grow herbs or small potted plants. A mini gardening tool set usually comes with miniature versions of a trowel, shovel, and rake, but some sets contain five or more mini tools. These tools may be tiny, but they’ll be handy when cleaning and planting small crops indoors. Many sets can be customized by adding engraving, color-coded handles, or a choice of colored metals (rose gold, stainless, or yellow gold).


ecogardener telescopic pruning shears

This is a handy tool for gardens teeming with trees, bushes, and shrubs. Loppers are cutting tools with long handles and thick sharp blades. This tool is ideal for cutting thick branches at a height. Pruning should be done regularly throughout the year so heavy-duty loppers will get a lot of use in the garden. Some loppers have telescopic handles, which extend the reach even further. Telescopic loppers eliminate the need to use a ladder when pruning tall trees, so this is an even better gift.

Functional Garden Decors

Functional garden decors are a great gift for people who care for medium to large gardens. Water features, bird baths, bird feeders, bird houses, wooden barrels (to collect rainwater), bee houses, etc., are just some of the many garden decors that add beauty and functionality to any outdoor space. Moreover, these decors will attract pollinators, boosting next year’s harvest!

Plant Stand

A plant stand is a decorative shelf you can use to showcase different potted plants. You can set the plant stand indoors or outdoors. This is a great gift idea for gardeners who need more room for their container garden. It’s practical, and it looks great when set in a corner. Many plant stands are designed for small spaces. Some plant stands are made from wooden materials, others from rust-proof metal alloys.


Gardening is a great exercise, but if you have mobility issues, all that digging and bending down will take its toll on the joints. A weeder lets you remove weeds without bending or kneeling and getting your hands dirty. You can use a trowel or a shovel to pull weeds, but a weeder makes the job easier (and more fun!). Weeders come in many designs; the most efficient one features a spiked end that you twist to pull weeds, roots and all. This tool makes a thoughtful gift to older gardeners.

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