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5 Reasons to Use Disposable Plates on Your Wedding

Organizing a milestone event like a wedding is truly nerve-wracking. Every detail must be perfect! A wedding is, after all, a once in a lifetime experience for most couples. It’s a special gathering for all people involved, including friends and loved ones. A wedding is also the perfect opportunity to highlight the importance of utilizing eco-friendly practices.

Using disposable plates like EcoGardener disposable wood plates, for instance, is a terrific way to save money and time while also caring for the environment. Is it strange using disposable dinnerware for parties? Not at all! Contemporary disposable wedding plates come in elegant designs, some look just like real fancy dinnerware! Still not convinced? Here are the top reasons why we think using disposable wedding plates should be a part of your wedding party:

Ecogardener Wooden Plates in a restaurant

1. Elegant Design

Gone are the days when disposable plates only came in tacky designs. These days, disposable dinner plates come in beautiful designs to choose from. And yes, there are designs that suit formal events and extravagant parties. EcoGardener disposable wood plates feature a sleek design, which is perfect for people who appreciate the understated style of minimalism and clean lines.

Since these wooden plates are in neutral shades, they are versatile. You can use these plates for any social gathering other than weddings such as family reunions, cocktail parties, and so on.
The elegant design and neutral colorway of the EcoGardener disposable wood plates also mean they will suit any theme, color scheme, and table setting. Whatever color scheme or wedding theme you have, these plates will look perfectly coordinated with the rest of the decors.

2. Durability

As far as performance goes, disposable plates used to pale in comparison with standard dinnerware. Most are made with thin, flimsy material so the disposable plates have the tendency to break up while in use. Not anymore. Contemporary disposable plates like EcoGardener disposable wood plates are surprisingly durable. These plates are made for large parties like weddings, large parties, and special occasions.

The material is thick and robust so it is strong enough to handle indoor and outdoor events. Each plate can hold a lot without breaking down thanks to a special non-toxic wax coating that’s bleach-free, pesticide-free, chlorine, and dye-free. The materials are pressed densely so the plates will not crack under pressure. These plates are, hands down, the better alternative, especially when compared to Styrofoam plates!

Ecogardener Wooden Plates in the dining table

3. Affordable

Did you know that renting formal dinnerware costs about $4 per person? This might seem like a small price to pay but if you have more than 200 wedding guests, the cost will add up. You could be paying almost $1,000 on plates that you cannot even take home! So why spend a thousand grand on rental dinnerware when you can maximize your budget with EcoGardener disposable wood plates?

These plates are not only elegant and eco-friendly; they are also affordable. You can buy as many packs as you like and not worry about overspending! The best part? You get to impress your guests with unique dinner plates that are conscientiously made to protect the environment and encourage everyone in your party to do the same at their next event.

4. Easy Cleanup

Organizing a wedding is hard enough, think about the massive cleanup later. With piles of dirty dishes on the sink, it will take forever to tidy up. You won’t deal with the same problem if you use disposable plates.

EcoGardener disposable wood plates allow you to enjoy your special day without worrying about the cleanup later. As soon as the wedding guests are done eating, they can simply discard the plates in the trash. Clean up is that easy. Since the plates are biodegradable, they will not end up in landfills. The plates will simply break down into the ground within 4 to 6 weeks.

Ecogardener Wooden Plate with a dinner napkin

5. Guilt-Free

Cleaning up piles of dirty dishes after an event requires a lot of water and elbow grease. Using Styrofoam or plastic plates may be a great option if you are trying to avoid the massive cleanup after the wedding but these products will only contribute to the worsening waste problem. Using biodegradable plates and cutlery is not only eco-friendly; it’s guilt-free too. These products are made from renewable materials so these won’t make a negative impact on the environment.

Using disposable plates on special events may be unusual for some but the practice is fast becoming more popular, especially among millennial couples. Discover the beauty of being eco-friendly, use disposable plates for your next event and wow your guests. Check out our selection of wooden disposable paper plates here.

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