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Lockdown gardening has been a refuge during the coronavirus. It’s aided our mental health, and as taught us to become more in touch with nature at the comfort of our homes.

If you’re looking to garden your way through this pandemic, then you’re in luck. Below are tips for you to develop your green thumb while on lockdown.

Support your Local Seed Banks and Garden Stores

The Covid-19 crisis has forced many businesses to close down. One of the best ways you can help those that still exist is to buy from them. Chances are, there are local seed banks and small gardening collectives in your area that can help you get started. Many of these often family-owned stores have heirloom seeds and promote responsible gardening. Plus, they have a bounty of knowledge they can share with you.

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Plant What is Most Useful to You

It’s easy to get lost in excitement when choosing which plants to grow. We recommend prioritizing the most functional ones for your home, those that will benefit you the most. For example, houseplants like philodendrons, peace lilies and areca palms help purify the air. These are ideal if you live in the city where pollution can be harsh. Edible gardens for your herbs and vegetables are also a great addition to your lockdown garden. For instance, chives, coriander, thyme, jalapenos, arugula, and kale hold well in small spaces.

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Practice Companion Planting

Gardening during the lockdown means limited resources and mobility. You’d want to make the most of every move. Companion planting ensures you are growing a diverse garden with plants that help each other thrive. This co-existence can lead to a bountiful harvest as well as a beautiful-looking garden that will give you a reason to smile every day.

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Recycle Items as Gardening Supplies

Mother Earth wants us to become more conscious gardeners and consumers. We have to do our part in lessening our carbon footprint as much as we can. Let lockdown gardening teach you to become more resourceful and responsible. Instead of disposing those plastic bottles, reuse them as planters, self-watering containers or seedling protectors. Use unused containers as pots and design them as you like. Utilize those old newspapers as well as toilet paper to become part of your mulch.

Keep a Lockdown Diary

The pandemic has left us felling like we don’t have control over anything. However, it’s important to keep your spirits up, and find ways to stay afloat. One of the ways you can feel more connected with your gardening is to keep a diary. Log which herbs, fruits or vegetables you’ve planted. Take note of how often you water them and any other observations you want to keep in mind. This allows you to experience growth and see just how far along you’ve come.

Be Kind to Yourself

During a time when we are all being tested, the best we can do is be kind to ourselves. You’re trying hard to survive and get through a global crisis. It’s perfectly fine to hit some roadblocks trying to build your lockdown garden. Leave room for mistakes and focus on the small victories.

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