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Growing up, bees are often framed as scary and must be kept as far away as possible. However, overtime, one learns just how critical these little critters are to the survival and thriving of our planet. Bees are an impetus to a healthy, life-saving ecosystem. Without these pollinators, we wouldn’t have sufficient trees, plants and flowers.

Benefits of a Bee-Friendly Garden

There are many ways bees play a key role in the environment. Understanding these benefits give you a better perspective as to why you must attract them in your garden.

  • They allow plants to grow food - thanks to pollination, bees leave behind grains of pollens that thereby allow plants to generate food. You have them to thank for the sweetest fruits and vegetables you enjoy each harvest.

  • They build homes for other living creatures - without bees, trees that provide shelters to other insects and animals won’t exist. If this happens, these other living creatures won’t be walking this earth.

  • They encourage biodiversity - bees immensely contribute to the ecosystem, thereby ensuring that various species continue to exist.

Tips to Attract Bees to Your Garden

Caring for a garden is one thing. Creating one that is bee-friendly takes it to another level. Below, we let you in on how to attract bees to your garden.

1. Plant Flowers all Year Round

A colorful flower garden

Continuous flower planting is possible, and is a great way to create a bee-friendly garden. Apart from choosing both edible and inedible varieties, remember when these flowering species bloom to ensure bees have a food source all year round. Furthermore, aiming for long-flowering ones guarantee that bees don’t go hungry in the long term.

2. Have a Source of Water Around

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It’s easy to forget about providing water for these hardworking pollinators. However, it’s so important to have a spot of water for them. After all, they too need it to survive. If you can’t afford to install a pond, have a shallow bird bath with a stone inside. This helps bees gather their footing and for them to safely make their way in and out.

3. Disregard the Pesticides

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Insecticides, pesticides and other chemical-based herbicides are not ideal to use when you want to attract bees in your garden. In fact, if you can do without them completely, even better. Using these are not only poisonous to pollinators. They are also contaminating your garden and may affect your health too.

4. Build a Solitary Bee House

A beehouse in a garden

Bee houses allow solitary bees to feel comfortable and welcome to your garden. There are plenty available in the market. However, you can also create one yourself by reusing scraps of wood or hollow canes.

5. Garden for Colors

Rows of colorful tulips

Attracting bees to your garden means understanding they do “see” colors. They are able to visualize UV light and a range of blue, purple, green and yellow but not red. So when selecting flowers for your bee-friendly garden, don’t forget these hues.

If you want to learn more, our friends over at GardenBenches have more tips on how to attract bees to your garden. Also, always use essential tools and the right gardening supplies to help you make a beautiful garden.

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Remember these tips to attract as many bees as you can. Creating gardens that benefit a plethora of living creatures is not only satisfying, but direly necessary for the good of Earth too.

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