Caring for Your Houseplants While You’re Away
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Nothing beats going away on a well-deserved holiday. A change of scenery once in a while is essential to our health and well-being. However, having houseplants means ensuring they’re not neglected even if you’re not around for a week or two.

The good news is there are so many ways you can keep your plants alive and thriving while you’re gone. Here are tips to care for them effectively.

1. Categorize them Properly

Plants of differing sizes.

Different plants have different needs. Some don’t need much water while some must be near the sun for a considerable amount of time. The first step is to categorize your plants properly.

Divide them by size, type, and needs. Bigger plants may be able to hold more water than smaller ones. Succulents don’t need a lot of water compared to tropical plants. If you’re not well versed with all the houseplants you have at home, best to seek some advice from fellow gardeners or experts.

2. Improve your Indoor Conditions

Indoor plants near the window

Sure, some houseplants can survive while you’re away. However, it’s still best to leave them in the best possible indoor conditions so they aren’t trying to catch their breath when you get back.

Most plants are tropical that need to be in temperatures between 55 to 80 degrees. Find the sunniest and the draftiest sections of your home. Ensure you are leaving your plants at the best possible location. Moreover, increase your airflow. Leave your fan at the lowest speed so you keep air circulating at home.

3. Move your Outdoor Plantings Away from Sunlight

Person carrying plants

Direct sunlight can easily backfire on your plants if you’re not around to control them. Before you leave, be sure to remove these outdoor planting from under the sun. Put them in dimmer areas.

Moving them away from the sun helps minimize growth and decrease the amount of water it needs while you’re gone.

4. Dry your Plants then Give Them a Shower

Woman watering plants

Another way to care for your plants while you’re away is to dry them a good deal before giving them a shower or mist.

This way, you’re helping your houseplants regulate themselves just before you leave. Furthermore, this will lessen the chances of them being overwatered.

5. Trim your Plants and Remove Yellow Leaves

Person trimming plants

You want to make sure that your houseplants receive ample amount of nutrition while you’re on holiday. So help them a little by removing yellow leaves because they will only eat out the nutrients healthier leaves and branches could easily use.

Trimming your plants before going on a vacation also makes them more water efficient. This is especially true for flowering plants.

6. Get a Plant Sitter if You Can

A woman checking a plant

If you’re lucky enough to have someone who can watch over your houseplants, then best to have them available. This can be particularly beneficial if you’ll be gone for quite a long time.

It’s best to do everything you can for your houseplants whether you’re home or away. You can start growing your plants in grow bags. Keep these tips in mind so you can ensure your plants are okay when you get back.

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