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It’s been the most wonderful time of the year! From an enjoyable Thanksgiving gathering to endless feasting and gift-giving on Christmas, we almost forgot how incredibly testing this year has been. Now, we couldn’t be more excited for a new year ahead.

It’s too often that part of the pack-down is tossing out those perfectly beautiful poinsettias and Christmas trees. However, you’d be surprised to learn that you can do more than just throwing them away.

Conserving in The Age of Consuming

The holidays are the most joyous season of all. Although all too often it can be quite excessive. That’s why it’s essential to find various ways where we can repurpose things, and be smarter with our gift-buying decisions. It also calls for learning to conserve the plants we utilize during this time of the year.

After-holiday care for Christmas trees and poinsettias may seem like a hardworking feat, but it’s all about knowing exactly what you want to do. Here’s a simple guide to get started.

A poinsettia with christmas lights.

Poinsettia: What to Do After Christmas

Poinsettias will generally last for another two months after the merriment. Of course, there is always the option to let them see through their regular cycle and just toss them once they’ve wilted away. Committed gardeners however, have found ways to make them last up until the next Christmas. Here’s how:

  1. Cut the stem back to four to six inches tall and move to a bigger pot. Make sure to fill up the extra space with new potting soil, as this is essential when repotting.
  2. Always keep the soil moist but never overwater, and ensure its receiving enough sunlight.
  3. Feed with diluted liquid houseplant fertilizer every week.
  4. Every three to four weeks from spring until early September, pinch back the growing shoots. Leave only five to six leaves per stem.
  5. Bring your poinsettia inside your home come October, as the frost will destroy it. For the flower buds to set, your poinsettia will need at least 14 hours of complete darkness per day for six weeks. This is critical because it won’t bloom otherwise.
A man carrying a christmas tree.

Christmas Trees: What to Do After Christmas

After its life as the center of our homes during the holidays, Christmas trees can take on other roles. Here are ways you can make the most out of it.

  • Find a drop off. Find a Christmas tree drop-off area in your city to do good work for your community by providing mini bird sanctuaries or fish habitat.
  • Add scent to your home. Before your tree takes on another form, pluck out the pine leaves and put it in your potpourri. This will definitely add a lingering holiday feel in your home.
  • Create a pathway edging. Remove the branches from your tree and use the trunk to line your pathways. Those discarded branches can be added to your mulch so make sure not to throw them away.
  • Utilize the wood for your fireplace. Chop up those branches and fire them up in your pit. You can even make it more memorable with late night s’mores.

Don’t let the purposeful joy end once the Christmas décor comes down. Keep these tips in mind and you’re Yuletide plants will breathe another life beyond this season.

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