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The new year always signifies beginnings; a promising time to kick old habits and embrace new ones. It’s also particularly true when it comes to gardening. There are always things we can do to grow better.

Beyond a Trend: Gardening Sustainably

Perhaps one of the biggest pledges home gardeners can make this year is to garden more sustainably. The current state of our planet is alarming, and we have an obligation to ensure that our natural habitat is not only livable but thriving.

Applying more sustainable gardening techniques for the new year begets a kinder, more mindful way to grow. So slowly make the shift and you’ll realize how much more beneficial it is.

It’s not only sustainable gardening that you must embrace this new year. Here are other ways you can start 2021 better.

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1. Get to Know What you’re Planting More

It’s easy to get lost in the plant frenzy that has dominated 2020. With the pandemic opening people up more to the joy and peace of gardening, it’s no wonder there was significant boom for home gardeners around the world.

All is well in the manner of interest. However, it’s critical to go beyond caring for plants made popular online. You must truly find out more about what you plant and how to nurture them in the long run. How big are they going to be? Do they need more shade or sun? Are they going to thrive indoors or outdoors? Will they survive the heat or cold?

Take this new year as a time to be more in tune with what you plant. Understanding them is understanding their language and their needs.

2. Have the Right Tools

Garden tools are your most reliable companions. That’s why having the right ones can make all the difference. You don’t need the flashiest or the latest ones in the market. It’s all about maximizing the necessary tools you have to keep your garden growing beautifully.

Some of the most effective gardening tools you must have in your array are raised beds, compost bins and landscape fabrics. All these allow you to garden better this new year, and encourage an eco-friendlier way to grow.

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3. Draw the Lines

A sense of direction and structure will give your garden a new perspective this year. Moreover, it will also protect what you’ve planted last season better. So this new year, try and draw the lines to clearly define the sections of your garden.

Use repurposed bricks, wood chips or even broken up tiles as your pathway. Plant more strategically by identifying how much shade, sunlight or water they need. That way, you are growing a garden that creates a thoroughly-beneficial ecosystem.

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4. Improve your Soil’s Health

An incredibly healthy soil is the gateway to a productive garden. So this new year, make more time in improving your garden soil in various ways, such as:

  • Aerating it using a garden fork
  • Feeding it with organic material like manure and perennial clippings
  • Using planters and beds for better soil tilth
  • Letting soil dry
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5. Learn More

If there’s one thing we can always do, it’s to learn more about gardening. Welcoming the new year means opening yourself up to more techniques and enriching mistakes. Make room to grow as you grow your own. This way, you can always make the most of your time in your garden, and expect a fruitful harvest each time.

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