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You do not need to spend a fortune on landscaping to create a beautifully designed outdoor space. It is possible to build the yard of your dreams on a budget as long as you have a deep understanding of the different design elements that come into play when designing a yard. To help you create a professionally designed outdoor space, try these easy and affordable landscaping ideas:

Plant in Numbers

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Planting a modest number of plants in the yard is great if you are new to gardening but to build a lush, green haven, it’s better to plant big swaths of the same plants to create visual interest. Planting a large number of the same plants in key areas of the yard gives a bold, burst of color to your outdoor space. You can use the plants to accentuate certain areas of the garden or to frame the arrangement as a whole. Either way, the results will be beautiful!

An odd collection of plants will only confuse the eye and make the design look messy or out of place. Through repetition (reusing the same colors, shapes, and textures), the design of your outdoor space will be uniform or cohesive. We highly recommend using plants that give a burst of contrasting color to add visual interest to your garden setup!

Perfect Hardscapes

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When it comes to putting together a well-designed outdoor space, you have to think about the non-plant or non-living materials to incorporate to the design. Adding hardscapes give the garden a full look of lushness. Hardscapes refer to the non-living accents in an outdoor landscape. These are important elements in an outdoor setting because they help “complete” the design of the garden.

From pea stones to river rocks, colorful pebbles to smooth stones, pick the right hardscape for your outdoor space. You can use a variety of hardscapes to accentuate small portions of the garden as well as key areas of your outdoor setting. You can also use different rocks and stones to highlight the walkways and pathways within the landscape.

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Mix and Match Different Materials

When it comes to designing your indoor or outdoor space, do not be afraid to explore different materials to create a unique look that’s truly your own. To add a level of interest to your outdoor setting, mix hardscapes with different plant materials, play with colors, textures, lines, and angles to get the look right. Lay out your yard to add drama to your outdoor setup.

You can also think of different ways of dividing your outdoor space into key areas to make the design look even better. You can use low fences, hedges or living screens as well as raised gardens or flower boxes to split a large outdoor space into smaller, more intimate areas.

Invest in Mulch Beds


Adding beds of mulch make a great alternative to grass as soil coverings. Mulch beds make a terrific investment because they retain soil moisture, fertilize and insulate your plants, as well as suppress weed growth. Mulch is also easier to maintain compared to grass; there is no need to trim the mulch beds although you have to replace them every spring to retain their appearance. Since mulch prevents weed growth, your gardening tasks become much easier too.

Opt for Hardy Plants

If you want to create a low-maintenance garden, grow plants that are guaranteed to come back season after season. Perennial plants are perfect for this because they are tough, they thrive in different growing environments, and they grow back year after year.

Perennial plants are also easier to maintain compared to annual plants. Just water the plants at the right time, use the right soils, give them lots of sunshine and they should thrive with little help. Perennial plants are also best grown in places where the growing environment is less than ideal. Most perennials are drought resistant so they do not require frequent watering.

On the other hand, if you’d like to grow a flower garden, opt for flowering plant varieties that are just as hardy as perennial plants. Choose flowering plants that yield colorful blossoms all season long.

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Colorful Tree and Shrub Foliage

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Experiment with different heights by planting a variety of trees and shrubs in your outdoor landscape. Trees and shrubs add drama to the overall setup while also providing shade, texture, and colorful foliage. You can also enhance the shape of the trees and foliage with some creative pruning. You can prune the foliage into different shapes to make your garden setup stand out from the surrounding landscape.

Playing with different shades of green adds depth to your outdoor setting too! Trees and shrubs with blue-green foliage add softness to darker, richer tones often found in evergreens. You can also combine colorful trees and shrubs with equally colorful flowering plants for a riot of colors during the spring season!

Highlight Bed and Borders

Well-defined lines help give clarity to an area, making the design look complete and put together. To pull the look of your outdoor landscape, do not forget to define the bed and borders. Plan the beds and borders along the perimeter of your property. Make sure the plants that grow at the edge of the borders are neat and trimmed. You can also use mulching and stone edge to highlight the beds and borders.

Filling your borders with perennial plants is also a great way to highlight these areas. Perennial plants soften hard lines and add a beautiful component to the garden design. Opt for low-growing flowering perennial plants to add color and texture to your garden space.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space

What’s the point of building a beautiful garden if you don’t sit back and enjoy your hard work? Creating an outdoor living space gives you plenty of opportunities to slow down, relax, and enjoy the great view without worrying about maintaining more grassy areas. You can invite friends over for a BBQ, relax with family during the weekends or bond with the kids outdoors.

Extend your home to the outdoors by adding key pieces of patio furniture, like a couple of chairs, a table, and perhaps, several pillows. You can also build a small grilling area or a separate fire pit to complete your setup!

When it comes to creating a beautiful garden, there is no need to spend a small fortune! With these tips, you can build a dreamy outdoor living space that you’d be proud to show off. For more gardening and landscaping tips, subscribe to our newsletter today!

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