Part 1: Growing Herbs in Containers
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Contrary to popular notion, you don’t need a large space to build a garden. A blank sunny spot in the balcony or a slice of space in the windowsill is enough to grow your very own garden. We suggest starting with herbs because these plants grow quickly and they have a lot of uses in the kitchen. Herbs are perfect for beginners because they are low maintenance. But since getting plants is a bit pricey, you can opt for an herb starter kit.

An herb kit has all the materials you need to build an herb garden indoors and outdoors. The pack comes complete with growing pots that you can set in any sunny spot in your home or garden. All there for you to do is to plant the seeds, wait for the seedlings to grow, and start harvesting fresh, fabulous herbs to season your everyday dishes.

These herb starter kits can make great gifts for seasoned growers and beginners too! In fact, these herb garden kits are excellent gifts for Christmas, Mother’s day, birthday, or even housewarming!

Is it better to grow herbs in pots or ground?

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Ideally, plants should be grown in-ground because the ground provides the best environment for growth. But unfortunately, not all of us have space to spare for an outdoor garden. People who live in city apartments or condominiums, for example, just don’t have free outdoor space for a garden. In such cases, growing plants in pots is your best bet.

Growing herbs in a pot are ideal for small spaces. The confined growing space makes it easier to control the plant’s growth. Growing pots enable you to grow plants indoors too. Growing plants in pots lets you turn your windowsill or balcony in a garden.

Of course, growing plants on the ground is ideal if you have a space to spare for large plants. Plants that are grown in-ground tend to grow faster and bigger. But, that is not the best choice for people who live in a city or apartment as well as for those who don’t have the time to maintain a garden.

Choosing the Right Pots and Planters For Your Herbs

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Growing herbs in containers is so easy with herb starter kits! Here are 5 things to consider in choosing the right pots or planters for your herbs.

Check Your Pots for Draining Holes

Drainage is a critical part of growing herbs. Most herb plants cannot stand wet soil. Their root systems are not too extensive nor deep so they are prone to root rot and diseases. When buying pots and plants, check if the bottoms have drainage or holes for easy draining. The material used to make the pots shouldn’t hold excess water.

Choose Biodegradable Containers

Plastic pots are not ideal as pots for herbs because these tend to hold excess moisture and heat up too quickly too. After a few months of constant sun exposure, the material turns brittle. Pots made from natural materials like bamboo, coconut coir, plant fibers, or recycled paper are an excellent alternative to plastic pots and planters. These pots do not hold excess water nor heat up quickly on a hot day. They last a long time and are biodegradable to boot.

The Right Size

The size of the pots and planters is also important when growing herbs. If the pot is too small for the herb, the lack of room will stop the plant from reaching its mature size. The size of the pots should be considered especially if your space for a garden is small or if you want to give companion planting a try.

Most herbs do well in small pots but some herbs, like rosemary, sage, and Italian parsley, for example, grow slightly larger than some herbs and will need more room to grow. The bare minimum for herb pots is 6 inches in diameter. Creeping herbs can be planted in a small pot but heavy spreaders like mint will need more space. Basil, in particular, has a deep and extensive root system so the pot has to be at least 18 inches deep.

The Right Materials

Biodegradable pots are perfect for growing different herbs but there are other materials out there that are far superior to cheap plastic pots.

Pots made from terracotta, clay, and stone are not only durable but also improve the look of the garden too. The materials are porous so water drains well. But they can get quite heavy so that’s something to think about if you’re setting your herb garden on a balcony. Also, the fluctuating temperature could cause porous materials to crack. Plastic pots are okay to use, they are light and affordable. However, the material tends to crack over time especially when exposed to the sun for several hours per day. They’re not the most eco-friendly option either.

The Right Shape

Round-shaped pots are the most common and this shape is perfect for single plants. But if you want to squeeze every last square inch of space, we suggest going for square or rectangular-shaped pots. These shapes could fit more plants, they are ideal for companion planting! The edges mean you can set them in corners and the space will look seamless. Rectangle pots are also best set in window boxes, making your deck, patio, or the edges of your windowsill look better!

Why Choose ECOgardener Herb Garden Kit

Buying an herb garden kit like the ECO Gardener herb kit is better than getting starter plants because you’ll experience gardening from scratch. You can grow different herbs in one amazing kit and you’ll have all the materials you need to build a small garden by the window or on your balcony.

If you’re worried about growing herbs from seed, don’t be. Our premium quality seeds germinate quickly. The kit comes with a step-by-step online guide so you can grow different herbs even if you’re a beginner gardener. No green thumb is needed at all!

And for special events, like birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays, you can share the joy of gardening by sending an indoor herb garden starter kit as a gift. Don’t miss out, get our herb kit today and start harvesting premium herbs!

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