Garden Thanksgiving with Family
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Thanksgiving this year may be drastically different for many of us. For the fortunate few, it’s something to look forward to — finally, a time to be with loved ones and truly count one’s blessings.

Hosting a Thanksgiving feast can be both nerve-wracking and exciting. Even more so, if you’re going to do it in the backyard. Luckily, we’ve got just the right expert advice to make your Thanksgiving in the garden memorable.

1. Plan for Bad Weather

It just happens: You’ve prepared everything and everyone’s just arrived then suddenly, it starts raining. Instead of allowing stress to overcome the joyful mood, it’s better to be prepared.

Put up an affordable set of patio curtains to block out stronger winds and gentle rain. A canopy can serve the same purpose. Furthermore, being proactive by having a Plan B setup indoors does just the trick. Have a back-up, simple setting ready if bad weather decides to take over your backyard. When you’re prepared, all this becomes nothing but a funny story.

2. Set the Mood for Less

You’ll be surprised as to how much you can change the mood of your backyard with just a few affordable tricks. First, get going with some lighting. You can simply fill up repurposed mason jars with fairy lights, get some LED strips or even those cost-effective solar lamps. Play the right music to get everyone set, and put in a scent like lavender to get everyone in the right spirits.

Outdoor thanksgiving tips

Pre-existing furnishings and furniture in your backyard are also instrumental in setting the mood. Get your firepit going, make your outdoor seating cozier with drapes and fabrics splashed across them, and light up some candles on the dining table.

3. Spruce and Clear up your Garden

Don’t forget to clean up your garden for your Thanksgiving feast. Consider your backyard your main area of entertainment, and your well-sprung garden as your natural entertainers.

Backyard thanksgiving with friends

Remove unwanted weeds, prune your plants and wipe those leaves. Give your garden a little TLC and it will surely give your guests an unforgettable spectacle.

4. Keep the Food Warm

What is Thanksgiving without the food right? Make sure your backyard feast stays warm by using chafing dishes with a small fire you can put underneath. This way, the cold breeze won’t ruin your spread, and everyone gets to appreciate the food at the right temperature. If you can also throw in extra for some insulated glasses, go right ahead.

Family dining

5. Start Early

Part of an unforgettable backyard Thanksgiving feast is appreciating every bit of time and effort put into it. From the freshly pruned garden to the beautiful design, you’d want enough daylight to see it, and take photos for memories. Plus, you get to catch up with your loved ones after what is arguably everyone’s longest year. So by all means, start early and encourage your guests to be on time.

Hosting a Thanksgiving feast in your backyard could be one of your greatest gifts not only to your loved ones but to yourself too. Take this opportunity to fill everyone with love, gratitude and a genuinely good time.

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