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The state of the world has been an everyday test lately. The level of uncertainty is off the charts, and we’re all dealing with things the best ways we can.

Staying connected with Mother Nature can help us cope with the mental challenges the pandemic has brought upon us. Remaining rooted inspires us to thrive, adapt and stay productive.

The good thing is we don’t need to be in the midst of wilderness or hiking through the most scenic forests. All it takes is having a garden, and the right plants to boost your well-being.

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Using Plants to Improve Health

Plants are incredibly beneficial. Apart from relieving stress, plants stimulate creativity, warm up spaces and instantly brightens up any day.

  • Keeping plants within line of sight

    One way plants can help boost your well-being is by keeping them within line of sight. We’re talking hanging baskets, planters, window pots and your garden visible from your window or balcony.

  • Greening up your space

    The reason for the recent spike of plant enthusiasts during the pandemic is because we’re craving greenery in our lives. Bringing the outdoors in is a surefire way of enhancing your mood. So don’t hesitate to fill up your space with houseplants meant for that sweet escape.

  • Setting the right mood

    Beyond the soothing color of plants, it has the power to set the right mood. From scent to sound, living with plants ensures that we are always connected with Mother Nature. So pair that garden with a fountain or keep fragrant ones close to you.

Best Houseplants to Boost Well-Being

Without further ado, here are some of the best house plants to enhance your physical, mental and emotional health.

Lavender plant


It’s long been attested to that lavender is a gift that keeps on giving, particularly to the sleep-deprived. Lack of sleep hinders us from being our most productive selves. So if you’re one to suffer from insomnia, then lavender is one houseplant you must have. Put it in the bedroom and see how it can work wonders.

Spider plant

Spider plant

Living in an apartment in the big city can often be stressful. There’s the noise, limited space and pollution. Fortunately, spider plants are meant to improve the quality of air. This allows you to breathe better and be in a much lighter headspace.

Orchids plant


Orchids are a sight for sore eyes. Already, they give an instant boost to anyone who looks at them. The better news is there’s more to them that meets the eye. Orchids clean the air and make way for more oxygen. Not only does this give your space better circulation. It also helps you sleep better at night.

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the skin’s best friend. It relieves it from rashes, cuts, burns and inflammation. Even more magnificent is it goes beyond helping you mend physically. If you’re the type of person that gives a lot emotionally and mentally, this is certainly one plant to boost your mood. Plus, it is also a powerful detoxifying plant.

Peace lily plant

Peace lilies

Work-life balance is something a lot of us struggle with. It’s a ton of push and pull of energy, which can leave us feeling depleted. Peace lilies symbolize tranquility, purification and solitude. Having these beauties at home can help exhaust all that bad energy of the day and turn it into something more calming.

Snake plant

Snake plant

Arguably one of the easiest to take care of, the snake plant is believed to reduce anxiety as well as respiratory problems. Moreover, it symbolizes survival and a reminder that even when there are hardships when you’re alone, you can get through it.

Plants are truly marvelous beings. Caring for them is much like caring for yourself too. So keep these plants in made and give yourself the opportunity to feel, look and think better.

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