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Nothing comes close to installing landscape fabric when controlling weeds in the garden (and making your outdoor space look better!). Installing landscape fabric is easy to do on your own as long as you have enough of the material and some landscape staples.

What are landscape staples and how do you find the right ones for your outdoor space? Let's find out in this guide!

How Do You Use Landscape Fabric Staples?

ecogardener landscape staples

Landscape staples are small metal stakes that set the landscape fabric in place. The staples are durable, resilient, reusable, and easy to install. You'll need a garden hammer or rubber mallet to set the landscape fabric in place using the staples, especially for bigger, thicker stakes.

The number of staples you'll need to cover the entire outdoor space will depend on how big your garden is. What's important to remember is that you never skimp on the staples. This way, your landscape fabric will stay put for years to come.

What Gauge and Size of Landscape Staples Should You Buy?

ecogardener landscape staples

The gauge and size of the landscape staples will depend on the kind of soil you have in the garden. Longer staples (gauge 11) are best for loose soils, while lower gauge landscape staples (gauge 8) are best for compacted soil. Gauge refers to the thickness of the pin itself. The lower the gauge, the stronger and thicker the metal material is. The most common gauge for landscape staples is 8, 9, and 11.

The staples come in round top, square top, and U-shape design. For looser soils, use longer staples, such as 9" x 1" x 9" or 12" x 1" x 12" staples. Landscape staples that are 6 x 1 x 6 in size with square top or round top are best for most soil types.

How Far Apart Should Landscape Staples Be?

Install a staple every 8 to 12 inches along the edge of the landscape fabric and never skimp on the staples because this will affect the life of the material itself. You'll need to install more pins on seams where sections of the landscape fabric meet. For denser gardens, use thicker stakes to set the fabric in place.

Using Landscape Pins and Staples To Prevent Gaps

ecogardener landscape staples

When using landscape fabric, gaps in between sections of the fabric have to be covered so weeds will not sprout and eventually ruin the look of your outdoor space. You need to overlap the adjoining pieces of fabric, then hammer the staples through both sections into the ground.

The best type of staples to prevent gaps in between sections of landscape fabric are the longer ones. The edges of the fabric should overlap by at least 3 inches, with pins stalled 16 inches apart. Anchor the landscape fabric at the seams and around the perimeter of the space with the staples. If you cannot push the staples by hand, use your foot or drive the staples into compacted soil.

Landscape staples are essential when installing landscape fabric. Be sure to stock up on landscape fabric pins, shop here to get your gardening essentials.

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