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The new year is upon us, and we can’t help but feel more hopeful for better days. With new opportunities and habits to live by, the garden is one of the best places we can exercise this newfound meekness.

Staying organized as a gardener can sometimes be a challenge. With family, chores and work in between, it’s easy to forget how to properly store our tools, and how to keep things in place. Luckily, there are simple ways to keep your garden organized for a long time. Here’s how to get started.

1. Walk Around With a Pen and Paper

A man taking notes of his garden.

First things first: You want to see the current condition of your garden. No matter the size, there are things that are bound to be out of place: tools left outside, plants that need pruning, dead leaves that need sweeping.

Walking around with a list helps you remember what needs to be done. As a promise to be a more organized gardener, you must get into the habit of writing things down.

2. Plan for Your Future Planting

A person planting on pots

Planning your planting is a surefire way to keep tidy and ready. A trick is to draw a map of your garden. This way, you can better make sense of what’s possible to grow considering what you already have. It also determines your gardening strategies better in terms of size, space and variety.

Apart from planting more efficiently, planning also avoids waste. You’re only getting seeds and plants you need and will use for your garden, with their maximum growth in mind.

3. Use Raised Beds More

A garden using raised bed

Raised beds are a gift that keeps on giving. Every organized gardener has garden beds to help keep tidy blocks of planting and make the most of the space they have.

These planters, tiered or elevated are not only great to keep everything nice and clean. They also provide much better soil drainage, pave the way for more diverse planting and prevent pests and critters from finishing off your harvest.

4. Organize your Tools and Supplies

Organized gardening tool in the shed

Next to your plants, your garden tools and supplies must be stored better. This helps them keep longer and better, instead of being left out to rust. Furthermore, it prevents you from buying more and more just because you can’t keep track of your inventory.

There are plenty of ways to organize your garden aids. First is to use a variety of storage bins, which you can easily source out or even recycle and make. Second is to be more tedious about labeling. From seeds to tools and more, this will help you stay on top of everything. Third is to group the ones that go together. This way, you’ll be spending more time in your garden than in the shed.

5. Make Everything Visible

A properly arranged garden that utilizes space properly

If you’re able to, keep everything you use and have for the garden visible. Make the most of your wall space by hanging your tools like sprays and gloves. Use pegboards for your lists and notes. Moreover, stacked shelving units are also a great addition to your arsenal.

Becoming a more organized gardener this year can help you grow much better. Remember these tips and you’ll be spending less time looking for things and more time gardening.

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