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Landscape fabric is a flexible gardening essential that gives a quick solution for controlling weeds. It is often used as a weed barrier in a small garden but can also be used commercially for various purposes.

Benefits of Using Landscape Fabric in the Garden

Controls Weed Growth

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While you cannot eliminate weeds completely, using landscape fabric is as close as possible to getting rid of this problem. Landscape fabric controls weed growth by blocking sunlight that causes weeds to grow. Without sunlight exposure, weeds cannot grow and compete with your precious crops. And the best part? You don’t have to use chemicals to eliminate weeds.

Prevents Soil Erosion

Landscape fabric works as a barrier that keeps soil particles from being washed away by water. It’s especially effective when used on raised garden beds. Moreover, landscape fabric insulates the soil, enabling gardeners to extend the growing season or start early in the season and enjoy a bountiful harvest!

Create an Organized Garden

If you want to create an organized garden, we highly suggest using landscape fabric. The landscape fabric makes it easy to give each plant a precise amount of room to grow. You can create a 12×12 grid to make the most out of a small space or two horizontal lines if you have more space to spare. You can top the landscape fabric with decorative pebbles or other organic mulching materials to elevate the look of your garden as well.

Commercial Uses of Landscape Fabric

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While landscape fabric is often used in gardens, it has many commercial uses too! Here are ways landscape professionals use this product commercially:

Using Landscape Fabric for Road Construction

In road construction, gravel and soil have to be separated to keep the former from mixing down into the dirt below, which can lead to potholes. Landscape fabric can be laid down on the ground before being filled with gravel during road construction so these materials do not mix together. This technique lets you save on future repairs too.

Landscape Fabric for Landfills

Landscape fabric can be used as a “landfill liner” or “geomembrane” that prevents toxic wastes from contaminating the surrounding environment. In fact, rolls of geomembrane were being used commercially to shield the environment from landfill wastes by various agencies. Once laid down on a garbage pit, landscape liners protect the soil and groundwater from contaminated liquids.

Ideal For Mining

Landscape fabric works to separate water from the soil in mining. Because landscape fabric is made from a permeable material, it is used as a lining material for various purposes. Essentially, it lets water drain from the soil, enabling miners to collect the ore for processing.

Generally, landscape fabric is used as a liner that separates water from other materials. Its ability to strain liquids of all types and resilience makes landscape fabric an ideal material for construction, waste processing, mining, and other industrial applications.

How to Identify the Quality of Your Landscape Fabric

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Are you getting your money’s worth? Landscape fabric isn’t cheap, primarily when covering a large area. Here are some factors in determining the quality of the product:

Durability: You can tell the quality of landscape fabric almost immediately once you get a feel of the material. However, the best type will depend on what you’re using it for. The most expensive product doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality, unfortunately. You have to consider the thickness and durability of the landscape fabric. If the landscape fabric feels too thin and brittle to the touch, it will probably disintegrate within a couple of years. Landscape fabric made from high-quality polymer material will last for years, even decades, with proper care.

Maintenance: High-quality landscape fabric does not require much maintenance. As long as you dutifully remove debris that could cut the material, it shouldn’t require babying. If the landscape fabric you’re using seems to develop tears within a few months of use, the quality is very low. If it turns brittle after several years of sunlight exposure, there are better options.

Price: When it comes to landscape fabric, you get exactly what you paid for. If a product is unusually cheap, the material might be sub-par. That said, expensive landscaping fabric doesn’t always guarantee excellent quality. While the price should not be the only deciding factor when buying landscaping fabric, opt for the best one you can afford. Also, buy only from brands that you trust.

Where to Buy High-Quality Landscape Fabric

Landscape fabric is available in most gardening and landscaping supplies stores. But to find high-quality products, we suggest doing your research online and making a lot of comparisons to determine which brands are the best for your needs. Small, specialty stores tend to offer a small selection of landscaping fabric brands but are more curated than big gardening stores, so these are great places to start.

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You can check out our store online and try our heavy-duty landscape fabric. Our landscape fabric is easy to install, moisture-wicking, and made to last. We’re all about flexibility, and our landscape fabric can be used in various applications. You can get our premium landscape fabric and staples or try our ECOgardener bundles for more value for your money.

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