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Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Garden Using Organic Fertilizer

Chemical fertilizers have been used for decades and no doubt about it, these products produce results because chemical fertilizers provide plants with much-needed nutrients. But the byproducts of chemical fertilizer harm the health and the environment.

So the question is, is there a better alternative to chemical fertilizers? If you want to grow your garden with minimal impact on the environment, we highly recommend using organic fertilizers.

As you know, we advocate eco-friendly gardening practices because we are firm believers that there is always a better way! Organic fertilizer is not only Earth-friendly; it is also minimally processed. Since organic fertilizer is minimally processed, it is kinder to the soil, plants, and the environment.

Organic fertilizer being applied

While chemical fertilizers enrich the soil with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, these are just three of the many nutrients that plants need to grow. Organic fertilizers provide secondary and trace nutrients that plants need, including calcium, sulfur, and magnesium.

Chemical fertilizers only add water-soluble nutrients to the soil, some of which leach away from the plant roots, polluting water sources. Organic fertilizers are made from compost, manure, and organic matter, compounds that do not pollute water sources.

The nutrients from organic fertilizers restore plant health while improving the soil’s ability to retain more nutrients and moisture. Over time, using organic fertilizers make your plants and soil stronger and healthier.

The risk of chemical burns or toxic build-up is high if you are using chemical fertilizers because these fertilizers release nutrients quickly. This can be deadly to plants. Organic fertilizer release nutrients much slowly.

That’s because the nutrients are broken down by the soil bacteria and fungi prior to being absorbed by the plants. The slow release of nutrients means the risk of toxic buildup is minimal.

A soil being scooped by a garden shovel

Chemical fertilizers are not only hard on delicate plant roots; these products could also harm beneficial critters that aerate and enrich the soil. The fact is, chemical fertilizers are made from mineral salts, which could burn seedling roots and kill earthworms when used incorrectly.

You will not deal with the same problem with organizer fertilizer because it is made from harmless, biodegradable materials. One of the reasons why most gardeners are unwilling to switch to organizer fertilizer is the price.

Yes, organic fertilizer is more expensive than chemical fertilizer but think about it, organic fertilizer is not only environmentally friendly; it’s also renewable, biodegradable and sustainable.

In addition, you can make your own organic fertilizer at home by composting kitchen scraps. Composting is a terrific idea if you want to minimize your own household waste at zero cost to you.

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