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Spring is just around the corner! Ever thought about updating your garden design? There are several spring-themed garden designs that are getting popular in 2024. In this guide, we’re dishing out all the fabulous ways you can refresh your garden design for spring and what trends to watch out for.

Garden Color Schemes to Try in 2024

house surrounded by plants and trees

According to experts, 2024 is all about cyber green – a type of neon green. It’s bright, eye-catching, and definitely punchy. Adding cyber green as a highlight is just the thing to make your garden design on-trend. Varying shades of lime green, dark green, and sage green are also big in 2024.

Dramatic, moody shades of burgundy, mauve, purple, and rust orange are also popular garden colors this 2024.

Plant Combinations to Update Your Spring Garden

house surrounded by flowers and trees

Knowing the kinds of plants that grow easily during spring season is part of the preparation for your garden. Below are plant recommendations to add green touches to your spring garden:

A Pop of Green

Coconut lime: A beautiful bright green plant that produces droopy daisy-like double flowers with a lime-green cone and an orange center. The contrasting color between orange and green makes the coconut lime a stand-out accent in any garden.

Mediterranean spurge: An eye-catching green plant that produces chartreuse-colored flowers. The clump of blooms is bright, bold, and striking, making the Mediterranean spurge the perfect centerpiece of a garden.

Allium: A petite plant that produces little flowers in varying shades of pink, purple and neon green! This plant blooms early to mid-summer in well-drained soils. Allums can be planted in a pot, but the roots can go deep into the soil, so use a deep pot for best results.

Gladiolus Green Star: A medium-sized green plant that produces stunning, star-shaped green flowers that bloom all spring and summer long. Gladiolus makes a perfect accent for flower beds and spring gardens. It will thrive in a pot if space is limited, but Gladiolus will stake for support because the flowers grow vertically.

Green Hydrangea: Hydrangeas come in various varieties, but if you want to follow this year’s on-trend color, get the green variety. Little Lime, Limelight and Lime Rickey are hydrangea varieties that produce green blooms. Hydrangeas can be a showstopper, bathing a space with cool green blooms. Hydrangeas are perfect as accent flowers or as edge flowers to highlight specific areas of the garden.

Moody Colors

Moody shades and jewel tones are a great contrast to bright green. Here are plants that you can add to your spring garden this 2024:

Red Trillium: A wildflower recognizable for its deep red to burgundy color. This plant thrives in dry, mountainous regions. It is a perennial plant, so it’s low maintenance and hardy as can be. It requires ample sunlight and well-drained soils to thrive.

Black Diamond Crape Myrtle Tree: A petite tree or bush that grows 10 to 12 feet, the Black Diamond Crape Myrtle Tree has dark foliage and bright red flowers. It’s quite hardy and requires very little maintenance. It doesn’t grow too tall, so it will suit even a small garden.

Chocolate Ajuga: a robust herb that spreads low to form an attractive ground cover, it’s suitable for areas where grass struggles. It also produces beautiful purple-blue flowers that add contrast to a jewel-toned garden. The best part? It doesn’t take much to care for chocolate ajuga.

Purple Basil: An easy-to-grow sweet herb with an unusually dark purple foliage. You can add purple basil in cooking and it’s also a medicinal plant. But on a spring garden, purple basil adds a gorgeous jewel tone.

Hollyhock: There are over 60 varieties of hollyhock (Alcea), and there’s no shortage of varieties that produce burgundy and magenta flowers. Hollyhock develops tall spires of frilled flowers. These plants grow quite tall, so they should be planted in a large garden that gets plenty of sunshine.

Trending Landscaping Styles for the Garden This Year

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Adding dramatic and bright colors to a spring garden is a delightful way to make your outdoor space vibrant and lively. Here are some simple and effective ways to infuse your garden with eye-catching hues that will bring joy and excitement this spring season.

Choose Vibrant Blooms: Start by selecting flowers in bold and bright colors. Opt for vibrant greens, fiery reds, and deep purples. Popular spring blooms like tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths come in a wide array of vivid shades that can instantly elevate the color profile of your garden.

We also recommend growing bulbs that bloom in different seasons to ensure a continuous display of colors. Spring-blooming bulbs like crocuses and snowdrops can be followed by summer-blooming varieties, creating a dynamic and ever-changing garden canvas.

Mix and Match Colors: Create a visually appealing garden by combining contrasting colors. Pairing complementary colors, such as purple and yellow or orange and blue, can make each individual bloom stand out, adding a dynamic and dramatic touch to your garden.

Cyber lime is a trendy color for 2024, and this pairs well with pinks and yellows as well as moody shades like dark blues, dark green, and deep orange.

Don’t limit yourself to flowers alone; incorporate plants with colorful foliage. Ornamental grasses, shrubs, and perennials with leaves in shades of red, burgundy, or variegated patterns can provide year-round interest and enhance the overall color palette.

Colorful Accents: Enhance the visual appeal of your garden with colorful accessories such as vibrant garden furniture, decorative stones, or even art installations. These accents can add pops of color and create focal points throughout the garden.

You can also add a burst of color by placing vibrant containers strategically throughout your garden. Choose pots and planters in bold hues that complement or contrast with the surrounding flowers. This is an easy way to experiment with color without committing to permanent changes.

Finally, infuse your garden with color by incorporating vibrant pathways. Use colored gravel, mosaic tiles, or even painted stepping stones to create a dynamic and visually striking walkway through your garden.

Get playful with the arrangements: Design specific areas of your garden to showcase a spectrum of colors. Arrange plants in a rainbow pattern, organizing them by color from one end of the spectrum to the other. This organized approach can make your garden feel like a living work of art.

Or, instead of planting in uniform rows, consider creating waves of color. This involves grouping plants in a way that mimics the natural flow of colors in the garden. It adds an element of movement and visual interest to the overall design.
Plan your garden to showcase a progression of colors as the season unfolds. Start with early spring flowers in cooler tones, transition to warmer colors as the weather warms up, and end with autumnal hues for a stunning seasonal display.

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