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Why Consider Wood Plates?

At one point in history, wooden plates were commonly used. Wood was easily accessible and could be treated to eat off of.

It was during the eighteenth century when European pottery took a leap forward and craftsmen began learning how to make porcelain from the Chinese artisans.

A wooden plate with food

Unlike some of the older pottery that had been used for cooking and making jugs, porcelain was the perfect choice for making dishes. It could be produced inexpensively and while they could shatter quite easily, they could also be mass produced. This made it the most logical choice for dishes at this time.

Popularity Of Plastic

Since the 1940s, plastic has been used for making dishes for children as well as the entire family. During this time metals were being conserved for war and wood was expensive, porous, and presumed to be less sanitary. Porcelain would break easily, so plastic was the perfect alternative. Almost no one thought about whether or not the chemicals inside plastic were safe.

Plastic dishwares

Plastic dishware was also convenient. During the 1960s heat and serve baby dishes were sold by General Electric.

Plastics are now used for various types of dishware as well as food storage containers. However, now we are starting to learn more about the potential dangers of BPA (bisphenol-A).

Are Plastic Dishes Safe?

There have been numerous reports about how some of these plastic dishes could be affecting our health.

Consumer demand grew strong enough that manufacturers in the United States responded and eliminated many BPA plastics from their product lines.

Many families started to purchase more wooden toys, but most parents switched to using plates and other service ware made from plastic that is BPA free instead of wood or other sustainable products.

An example of ceramic plates

According to some media reports, using plastics that are BPA free is not really safe either. One study conducted by the University of Calgary has found that bisphenol-S, which is the plastic that is now predominantly being used to replace BPA, can be just as dangerous, if not more dangerous than previously used plastic.

Even with all of the evidence about the harmful chemicals found in plastics, Americans still are not receptive of using wood plates. However, wood plates offer a great alternative and should be something that everyone is considering for use in their homes.

The Problem With Plastic

In order to live consciously one must think about the environment in which they live. Every year average americans throw away about 185 pound of plastic. Almost half of this plastic has only been used once.

Landfill full of plastic garbage.

Most of the plastic that is thrown away will end up in a landfill. In a landfill plastic can take anywhere from 500 to 1000 years to breakdown. To put this in perspective, in the LA area, there are 10 metric tons of plastic that is washed into the ocean each day.

There is a floating mass of plastic located just off the coast of California that is twice the size of the state of Texas.

Plastics has severely been impacting our environment for quite some time and it is time that people should start committing to reducing our reliance on this man made material. Not only does it fill our land fills, but it can also impact our health.

Plastic Alternatives

One of the best ways to reduce our ecological footprint is by reducing our use of plastics. Using natural products that are eco-friendly is the best place to start.

Wooden toys have been popular among consumers for many years. Wooden toys will last longer and do not have as big of impact on the environment.

Many parents do not realize that by purchasing plastic toys for their children they are impacting the environment. Plastic toys are often thrown away when they are done being used and end up in landfills throughout the country. Choose toys that are made from a more sustainable product.

Wooden plate as plastic alternative

Plastic dishes are also a big problem. Almost every home across the United States has some type of plastic dish. From serving dishes, to utensils, to storage containers and kids dishes, plastic is simply everywhere.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. There are now great lines of wooden plates available that are eco-friendly.

These wooden plates are fully biodegradable, which means that you can dispense of them with the peace of mind in knowing that they will be gone in less than 6 months as they degrade.

Choosing Wooden Plates For Your Next Event

Wooden plates provide a great alternative for any type of event that you may be having. From a casual party to a wedding to an outdoor catering event, wood plates are great to use. These plates are completely durable, will last throughout the event, and can be tossed away with minimum impact to the environment.

Different kinds of wooden plates

If you are having a wedding or other type of large event and want disposable plates to use, consider wooden plates over plastic or paper plates.

Paper plates are often not sturdy enough and it is hard to find paper plates that look good with your event’s decor. Plastic plates are not good for the environment as they will end up in a land fill for hundreds of years.

Wooden plates are the perfect choice as they add a unique decor element for your event. Wooden plates are also compostable and biodegradable. This means that you can throw them away and not worry about the impact that they will have on the environment.

Consider Wood Charger Plates For Your Decor

When holding a dinner or other event, decorating is important. A charger plate provides a decorative base setting that is used for other dinnerware to sit on. Charger plates are also called chop plates, under plates, or service plates. These plates are decorative and not meant to come in contact with food.

Wood plates as decor

A wooden charger plate will provide an elegant way to serve a multiple course meal. There are a variety of types of charger plates available and wood charger plates offer a great alternative to plastics and other materials.

Why Use Wood Charger Plates?

There are several practical purposes to using charger plates. A wood charger plate will anchor the table, create an ambiance, and are aesthetically pleasing. In addition, these wood plates will help protect the table from getting dirty during the dinner service.

These plates will catch any food that is spilled and they can also help your dinner plates retain heat as they are placed directly underneath the bowls and plates being served.

Using Wood Charger Plates

First, you will want to choose a wood charger plate that compliments the decor of your table. It should add visual interest to the overall feel of your event. You can choose a wood charger plate that compliments the wooden plates that are being used to serve your food.

A wood charger plate should be placed at each table setting. It should be set inside of the silverware, just like a regular dinner plate. Each course will be served on top of the charger plate. After each course the charger plate can be wiped down.

Wood plates on a party

When using wooden charger plates you can simply throw them away when the dinner is over.

Wood charger plates can also be used as platters or trays for small appetizers or for dessert. Make sure that your wooden charger plate is safe for food to come in contact with. You can also simply place a linen napkin or doily on the wood charger plate to serve food on.

You can also use charger plates for candles, flowers, or other decor and use it as a centerpiece for your tables.

Suggestions For Disposable Wood Plates

If you are thinking about using wood plates for your next event there are several types from which to choose. Here are two different choices, one made from sustainable wood and the other made from sustainable bamboo.

Disposable Wood Plates 5.5” x 5.5”


  • 50 pack
  • Provides an eco-friendly alternative to styrofoam and plastic dishes
  • Compostable
  • Biodegradable
  • Great for entertaining, parties, weddings, and catering
Wood plates with a cake


This pack of 50 salad/dessert plates provides a great alternative to using plastic or styrofoam plates for your event. These plates are strong enough to carry a small appetizer or even a full meal.

You can use these plates for both indoor and outdoor events. They are perfect for camping, birthday parties, weddings, home catering, restaurants, cafes, cocktail parties, and for every day home use.

Wooden plates are more stylish than paper or plastic counterparts. When you use these plates for your next event your guests are sure to be impressed by the unique quality that these wood plates have to offer.

Different sizes of wood plates

These wood plates are gluten free, organic, compostable and biodegradable. They are guaranteed to be sourced from plantation timber that is sustainable and fast growing. There are no issues with mold or bacteria growth.

These plates are easy to clean, you can just throw them away. There is no wax or plastic coating on the plates and they are pesticide, bleach, chlorine, and dye free so you can get rid of them without any guilt. You can throw them in the trash or in your compost pile and feel good about doing your part for the environment.

Perhaps one of the best things about these plates is that they are made from natural materials so each plate is unique. The plates offer a natural wood grain and have small variations in color, texture, and shape.

Bambu 11-Inch Round Veneerware Plates, Package Of 25

Wood plates with dessert


  • Set of 25
  • 11 inch round plates
  • No dye or bleach used
  • FDA approved
  • For single use
  • Certified organic
  • Biodegrades within four to six months after disposal
  • Not recommended for use in the microwave


Bambu is a company that believes in making products that are of the highest quality. The company utilizes imagination and integrity in creating all of their products.

When choosing products for your home or your personal use it is not just about what you believe, but also about your social and environmental actions as well.

This set of plates from Bambu are contemporary and renewable. Each plate offers color and texture that is designed using low impact processes and materials. The products are tested and approved to be used with food safety in mind.

Different shapes of wood plates

Veneerware from Bambu is a collection of single use bamboo plates, utensils, and serveware. These plates and utensils make a great alternative to paper plates.

This is the only single use wood plate product that is made from 100% certified organic bamboo. All of the bamboo used for these plates is grown without using pesticides or chemicals.

The plates are ideal for using for meals at home, catered events, birthdays, weddings, picnics, conferences, or just about any other occassion that you can think of. After using the plates you can compost them.


Wood plates are more sustainable than plastic or styrofoam. When purchasing a single use plate it is important to consider the environmental impact that your choice may have.

Plastic takes a really long time to biodegrade, which can have a great impact on the environment. Styrofoam comes with several environmental issues as well.

Wood plates not only are more environmentally friendly, but they also look great. When you are having an event, serving dinner on a wood plate is something that will definitely get people talking. These plates are uniquely designed, are sturdy, and they are great for single time use.

Wood plates in restaurants

There are wooden plates and bowls available that are treated and can be used more than once as well. Adding these to your set of dishes is a great idea as they are more sustainable than plates made from other types of materials.

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