5 Gardener’s Hand Care Tips

There’s tremendous joy in getting your hands dirty. It’s a feeling of being truly one with Earth, and seeing your garden grow as you tend to it everyday is an even bigger accomplishment.

Countless benefits come from gardening. From improving our mental health to teaching us how to be sustainable, it’s one activity we would always recommend to anyone. There are very few downsides, if not only one: Gardener’s hands.

Stealing Moisture and More

People who spend a lot of time in their gardens are often faced with calluses, brittle nails, as well as dry and cracking skin. Others may want to dismiss it as all part of the job. However, in due time, these conditions may lead to an even bigger problem that may altogether affect how you care for your plants.

Part of the problem is how the soil sucks the moisture out of your hands. You can notice how plants easily absorb water during irrigation. It’s the same with a gardener’s hands. Do it long enough, and you’ll notice how fragile your skin becomes from the lack of moisture. Worse, some get infections from the parasites living in the soil.

Caring for your Gardener’s Hands

Wearing gloves is obviously one of the best ways to take care of your hands when gardening. Below, we go beyond this basic care tip and dive into other ways you can maintain moisture and softness in your skin despite being in your yard everyday.

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  1. Choose the best gloves for you

    Your first line of defense is wearing a pair of gloves that work best for you. If you find fabric gloves too flimsy or loose to work with, go for latex or surgical ones. They fit nice and tight, allowing you to move about your gardening tasks easily. Be sure to apply some powder or cornstarch before putting them on so they could be removed more easily.

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  2. Wear sunscreen

    The sunlight can be harsh, especially on particular times of the day. Each time you apply sunscreen before heading to your garden, don’t neglect your hands. Lather them on because they need it as much as your face, neck and arms do.

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  3. Get an anti-tetanus shot

    Err on the safer side by getting an anti-tetanus shot as regularly as possible. The soil is very much alive with various insects, parasites, and the like. The last thing you want is diving right in and getting infected.

    Mature woman got injection by a doctor
  4. Care for your hands as you would your face

    From regularly moisturizing to using gentle soap and masks, consider your hands as fragile as your face. It benefits from a certain skin care routine and most be done religiously. If you have built-up dirt or soil in your hands, soak them for a few minutes to soften it up and gently scrub.

    Be dedicated to using hand cream and moisturizing soap for starters. If you want to take it up a notch, hand masks are an increasingly trendy product.

  5. Don’t forget about nailcare

    Your nails need as much attention as your hands. Products like nail hardeners are used the same as nail polish. Go the extra mile by investing on cuticle oil and nail brush so your nails remain clean, strong and resistant to easy breaking.

Keep these gardener’s hand care tips in mind so you could always make the most of your time in the garden.

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