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Connection with Mother Nature doesn’t stop at a certain age. Just as children and adults reap the benefits of gardening, the elderly can still do.

Gardening with seniors is a beautiful experience. Not only does it uplift the spirit, it also keeps them productive and their days much more fruitful. Fortunately, there are many ways maintaining a garden can be easy and safe for older adults. Here are gardening tips for the elderly.

1. Do some Stretching

Limbering up before a long day is a must. It reduces the risk of joint stress and prevents injuries. A warm walk around the garden is also helpful. It will get those muscles ready and get them excited for the day ahead.

Old and young woman walking in the garden

2. Avoid the Heat

Keep in mind that gardening with the elderly is different than what other age groups are used to. Seniors are more sensitive to various elements, including the heat and sunlight. If you’re not careful, they could suffer from heat stroke, dehydration and sunburn. Lather up the sunscreen and ensure you always have water with you. Wear proper clothing as well.

3. Make Access Easy

Walkways and pathways are a must when gardening with seniors. You don’t want them toppling over rocks or stones when walking around. Uneven grassy areas also put them at a risk.

Backyard garden

4. Think About Indoor Gardening

Conditions among seniors vary from one to the next. Keeping their options open on how they can continue to enjoy gardening is pivotal. If they are limited in their movements, perhaps indoor gardening is the best option. They can have a small area in their home to take care of forgiving plants, vegetables, herbs and fruits.

Indoor plants

5. Consider Growing Vertically

Vertical gardening doesn’t only save space and maximize growing capacity. It also allows the elderly to grow with much more ease. They don’t need to bend and move too much. Best to invest on raised beds, raised trellis and the like.

Oldman gardening

6. Go for Safer and Easier Tools

Elderly man using gardening tools

There are gardening tools that are easier to handle and are made for the elderly. Always aim for these tools that will guarantee increased safety and a friendlier time in the garden.

7. Choose Gratifying Plants

The joy of seeing your garden grow abundant is incomparable. We want this joy to be experienced by our beloved elderly. One way is to choose plants that are forgiving and are low maintenance. Whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors, there are plenty that don’t need too much attention. For example, indoor plants like snake, ivy and succulents are easy to take care of. Herbs like rosemary, thyme and basil are forgiving too. The same goes with tomatoes, jalapenos, and zucchini.

Oldman spraying water to his indoor plants

8. Always have Someone Around

When gardening with seniors, it’s important to always have someone around. This ensures they are not alone and have help for when something heavy needs to be carried. Moreover, it makes the whole experience much more sociable and fun.

Old and young woman planting

Keep these gardening tips for the elderly and you will have some of the most cherished times with your senior loved ones.

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