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A raised bed is a structure that elevates the soil from the ground. It works as a barrier that protects the soil from the elements while improving drainage and preventing soil compaction and erosion.

Raised beds are made from different materials; wood, concrete, and stone are the most popular. What’s great about using raised beds is it boosts the garden’s yield. Apart from increasing the yield, a raised bed improves the value of your home by enhancing curb appeal and organizing the garden.

How To Use Raised Beds in the Garden

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Raised beds are flexible. You can grow crops in a raised bed, such as vegetables and herbs. Ornamental plants and flowering plants will also grow well in a raised bed. You have better control over the plants’ growing environment, ensuring a fruitful harvest every season. Below are ways to use raised beds for better gardening:

Grow off-season fruits and vegetables: Raised beds come in different shapes and sizes – you can grow anything from tomatoes to citrus fruits! Because raised beds enable you to control the growing conditions of the crops, it’s possible to grow off-season fruits and vegetables. For instance, you can grow herbs and fruit-bearing vegetables in the late fall to winter season or start early to make the most of the growing season.

Better growing conditions: Because you get to choose the kind of soil to use for a raised bed as well as the sun exposure, crops grown in a raised bed have better growing conditions than in-ground crops. You can amend the soil with compost or organic fertilizer to boost the yield and use plant covers to control sun exposure. If your garden has poor soil, you can use raised beds to improve the growing condition of your plants.

Create an herb garden: If you love the idea of having fresh, delicious herbs on hand all year, then we highly suggest getting an herb kit and growing different herbs in a raised bed! Herbs do not grow too big, so these are perfect for container and raised bed gardening. Set the raised bed in a site that gets a lot of sun so the herbs will thrive all season long!

Create a flower garden: Welcome spring with a garden bursting with colors! Fill a raised bed with different flowering plants. We suggest focusing on a color combination and using complementary colors as a base for the design. For example, you can go for a blue and pink flowering garden or a rose garden by mixing light and dark shades of pink and red roses.

Children’s play area: Use raised beds to frame a beautiful play area for the children and satisfy your child’s curiosity and love for adventure. Set raised beds on the sides of the outdoor space, add a seating area, and fill it with books, toys, and crayons so the children can learn while enjoying the fresh air. You can also add outdoor and garden toys to help children learn about nature and insects.

How To Set Up Your First Raised Bed

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Grow various fruits, vegetables, and herbs in your raised bed garden. Here is a step-by-step guide on setting up a raised bed for planting different crops:

Choose an ideal site for growing crops

Choose a spot that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight daily with some shade in the afternoons. Avoid low-lying areas where water pools because most plants hate standing water, and these sites are not ideal for growing crops.

Choose the raised bed shape and size

Raised beds come in different shapes and sizes, choose one that fits the site where you will build the plot. Most raised beds are about 5 to 8 feet wide, but you can opt for a custom-made raised bed if the area is irregularly shaped. At ECOgardener, we offer three types of raised beds: the classic raised bed, tiered raised bed, and elevated raised bed.

Choose the raised bed materials

Raised beds are made from different materials. The most popular are wood, but some raised beds are made from brick, stone, and even metal. When choosing what raised bed material suits your needs, factor in the durability, cost, and climate in your local area.

Prepare the site

After choosing the raised bed, you must prepare the site for the structure. Start by clearing the space of weeds, fallen leaves, and unwanted debris. If the ground is uneven, use a hoe and a rake to level the soil.

Add the soil

Once the site is ready, assemble the raised bed (unless you bought a ready-made raised bed) and fill it with potting soil. Mix compost or natural fertilizer such as aged manure or worm castings to improve the soil texture and nutrient profile.

Start planting crops

The final step is planting and growing various crops in the raised bed. You can start early by growing plants from seeds indoors and transplanting them once the seedlings have been established. You can also plant the seeds, especially if you’re growing herbs, which are known to be fast growers. Water the plants as needed.

Where to Buy Wholesale Raised Garden Beds

Buying wholesale is a great idea if you’re planning an extensive garden renovation or would like to store some raised beds for future projects.

You can visit your local garden supplies stores or hardware stores to check what kinds of raised beds they have on hand. Because raised beds are sizable structures, it’s best to have these delivered to your door instead of transporting a couple yourself.

That’s the beauty of buying online; these products can be shipped straight to your door. You can buy raised beds from online retailers, garden centers, and wholesale suppliers. Online retailers like Amazon, ECOgardener, and Wayfair offer raised beds at wholesale prices. You can save more and shop from the comfort of your home by buying bulk online.

Getting raised beds straight from manufacturers is ideal if you’re working on a big project or planning to sell such products. Buying bulk quantities will lead to better savings. Of course, it’s essential to check the quality of the raised bed before buying several. Also, consider the shipping costs because these expenses will add to the total cost of your order.

ECOgardener and Raised Bed Gardening

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Raised beds are flexible structures that will add beauty to your garden and boost yield during harvest time. There are many options for buying raised beds, especially when buying in bulk quantities.

At ECOGardener, you can find the right raised beds for your needs at a price that suits your budget. We’ve got three raised bed designs plus bundles to help you start gardening immediately.

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