Garden Renovation on a Budget
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Is your garden ready for a makeover in 2023? Contrary to popular notion, there’s no need to spend a fortune on a complete garden redesign. Transforming your outdoor space into a relaxing, green oasis is easier than you think. All you need is a little creativity and inspiration to achieve a design you’d be proud to show off. In this guide, we’re dishing out design hacks to renovate your garden on the cheap!

10 Ways to Renovate the Garden on a Budget

Build a DIY-ed Deck

man DIY-ed deck

If you’re a handyman and have ample space for a deck in your outdoor area, you can build a wooden deck using salvaged wood planks. Building a deck by hand may seem like a huge undertaking, but as long as you understand the basic construction principles and have all the materials you need, you’d be surprised how easy it is to get building!

The best part? A deck will improve the value of your home while enabling you to enjoy the garden more. After this project, you can look forward to relaxing outdoors with your family or hosting a garden party with friends!

Create an Instant Seating Area

If you can spare some space for a small seating area in the garden, we suggest this simple hack: lay a big, durable rug in the middle of the garden, add a couple of chairs, some bean bags, or an ottoman, and voila, you have an instant seating area for afternoon tea! This is an inexpensive way of sprucing up even a tiny garden. You can add more decorations to warm up the space, such as colorful throw pillows, potted plants with decorative planters, or a small table with a tea set ready for a warm drink.

Define Walkways with Stone Pathways

A stone path adds definition to a space while pulling double duty as a decorative element in the garden. You don’t need a professional landscape service to do this. If you have bricks or flat stones, you can lay these materials on existing paths to create stone walkways. You can even use mulching materials to define the paths.

Stone paths will enhance the garden’s look while also making it easy for people to cross the garden to other areas of the property. And if your garden has several paths, you can connect them using stone paths.

Create a Tree Bench

If your garden has a big tree, you can use the shade fully by building a bench around it. This will require some tools and basic construction knowledge. If you know your stuff, you can get started on this renovation project on the weekend and complete it quickly.

After building the bench, treat the wood to protect it from the elements and give it a fresh coat of paint. Add some decorative pillows, fairy lights, drinks, and snacks, and you’re finally able to make full use of this prime spot for rest and relaxation!

Highlight Climbing Plants with a Trellis

climbing plants with trellis

A trellis is the perfect garden decor to highlight your climbing plants and add a rustic charm to your garden. You can find many trellis designs online; some are pretty simple, while others are more complex. You can build one quickly because a trellis is a simple structure. You only need a few materials if you are making multiples! Set these at strategic areas of the garden to frame your home. Start filling the structure with flowering plants; by spring, your garden will sport a fresh, new look!

Outdoor Dining Area

outdoor dining area

If you love the idea of enjoying home meals al fresco, this is a terrific garden project to start on one weekend: create an outdoor dining area. This will require more time to set up, but your hard work will pay off once the dining area has been completed – you can enjoy meals under the stars!

Choose a shady area to set up a dining table and chairs – we suggest somewhere near a tree or between tall bushes. Define this space with stone paths and add lanterns to make the space look homier. Install some outdoor lights like string lights to warm up the area and decorative lanterns and tiki lights, and you are done!

Highlight the Garden with Wood Fences

If your garden space still needs wooden fences, now’s a good time to install them. You can paint the fences white for that classic look or create a mural to elevate the look of the garden. You don’t need an expert to install the wood fences; this can be done DIY style with a drill, a shovel, and a mallet. As a bonus, the borders give your outdoor space privacy, making your home safer from prying eyes.

Add Tiered Raised Beds

A tiered raised bed is a versatile planter. Use it to grow flowering plants or delicious herbs! If your garden is small, a tiered raised bed lets you produce different plants vertically, saving you a lot of space! You can build a tiered raised bed using recycled wood or buy one or two online. Tiered raised beds are not expensive and are an excellent investment if you love growing different plants but need more garden space.

Build a Fire Pit

fire pit

Love hosting barbeques for a big game or garden parties on the weekends? A garden fire pit makes a great investment because it enables you to make the most out of your outdoor space for little to no cost to you. If you have bricks gathering dust around in the shed, use those to build a fire pit. You can also buy a modest fire pit online and set it in a strategic spot in the garden. Remember to create a seating area around it and install lanterns nearby to warm up the space. Now you’re ready to roast some marshmallows!

Install a Hammock in the Garden

If you want to encourage the kids to enjoy the outdoors and explore the garden, why not install a hammock in the garden? This works best if you have a lot of trees in the yard. Set up the space by laying a big decorative rug between trees and then fastening the ropes of a hammock on each tree. Add a couple of bean bags, some nice books to read, snacks, and drinks, and then tell the kids to join you in the garden for a picnic!

Garden Makeover with ECOgardener

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As you can see, you don’t need to spend much money on garden renovations. With these gardening tips, you can enhance the look of your outdoor space and enjoy gardening even more.

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