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Many gardeners buy landscaping and gardening supplies in bulk for many reasons. Buying in bulk doesn’t mean buying bags of fertilizers for the entire neighborhood. You’re buying more than enough products to last a couple of seasons.

If you are maintaining a small garden, you might think buying bulk isn’t for you. But it’s something for everyone, especially gardeners looking for a great bargain!

In this guide, let’s talk about the many ways that buying in bulk benefits the garden:

Benefits of Buying Garden Supplies From a Wholesale Supplier

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Better Prices

This is the best reason to buy in bulk – you can get them at wholesale price. You might think buying in bulk is expensive, but you’re saving MORE. For instance, comparing the total cost of a landscaping fabric between bulk and individually bagged products, bulk purchasing cuts the expenses by up to 50%.

How? For one thing, individually-packed products are more expensive compared to those sold in big boxes or sacks. You’re getting more products for the money, meaning it will take a while before you repurchase them. You can complete a project without spending more simply because buying in bulk gives you more product to use.

Better Quality

Often, individually packed gardening products were packed at different times. One bag may contain a better quality product than the other from the same store. You can only see the difference in quality once you come home and open every bag.

For example, if you’re buying mulch materials, some bags could contain moldy materials compared to others in the same stock. And you’ll only know about it once you compare the materials side by side. For every ten bags of mulching materials you buy, two or three bags may contain inferior-quality materials.

When you buy in bulk, you know exactly what you’re getting. You can touch and see the product before you buy. Also, bulk suppliers are known to provide higher quality products at a more affordable price.

Consistent Appearance

Consistency is essential when you want to achieve a cohesive garden design. For example, the rocks or pebbles used for landscaping must be the same to achieve the desired look. This goes especially if you bought the items at different times and in various stores.

If you need the garden or landscaping materials to look the same or have the same texture, it’s best to buy in bulk. No guarantee individually packed products would look the same because these might not come from the same source or batch.


Buying in bulk is more eco-friendly for different reasons. Packing individual bags requires massive energy consumption. Transporting these products burns fossil fuel. Using more packaging materials contributes to our worsening garbage problems because these end up in landfills.

Since you’re buying in bulk, you are not paying for extra plastic bags. Bulk products take less energy to pack and even less fuel to transport. Packaging materials are minimal, so fewer of it will end up in landfills. You can also recycle the packing materials.

Kinds of Gardening Products to Buy in Bulk

woman holding pot besides and on it is soil mixes and plants

Now that you know how beneficial buying in bulk is, let’s take a look at some gardening materials that you can purchase in bulk:

Soil mixes: From potting mix to topsoil, enriched black loam, or triple mixes, soil mixes are often sold in small and big sacks as well as big boxes. We recommend buying in bulk if you’re designing or redesigning a garden to ensure your plants get the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

Mulch materials: If mulch materials are not on-hand, you can buy these in bulk. Mulching insulates plant roots, eliminates weeds, and prevents water evaporation. These are sold in big sacks and boxes.

Landscape fabric: If you have a big garden or a nursery business, buying wholesale weed barrier landscape fabric is a great option. You don’t need to apply toxic chemicals into the ground when you use landscape fabric in your garden.

Compost: If you’re not composting at home, you’re probably buying compost at your local gardening supplies store. Instead of getting a small bag of compost, buy this in bulk. You’ll never have too much compost, especially with a big garden!

Some gardeners are wary of buying in bulk, thinking they might get more products than they could use. Most sellers will estimate the quantity you need for your garden or project size. Don’t be afraid to ask an experienced staff to determine how much product you need.

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