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What are the advantages of buying landscape fabric in bulk? Savings.

Prices are constantly changing and it is always cheaper during winter. You can save more money if you purchase your garden fabric wholesale as part of your preparation for the spring and summer.

Yes, spring is just around the corner, and you know what that means. Weeds sprouting all over the garden is inevitable. Seasoned gardeners highly suggest buying wholesale garden landscape fabric if you’ve got a big garden and need help controlling weeds in the spring.

Different types of landscape fabric are used in the garden; so which one should you choose? More importantly, what are the benefits of buying wholesale landscape fabric?

In this guide, we are diving deep into buying landscape fabric in bulk, the pros of using landscape fabric in the garden, and other factors you should consider to make the best choice.

Different Types of Landscape Fabrics

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There are four different types of landscape fabric that you can buy in bulk online or at your local gardening supplies store. These are:

Woven Landscape Fabric

This landscape fabric is made with tightly-woven polypropylene. The material is porous and durable – ideal for controlling weeds or as mulching material. While breathable, woven landscape fabric will last years with care. Use woven landscape fabric to control weeds around trees and shrubs or prevent soil erosion in raised beds.

Non Woven Landscape Fabric

This landscape fabric is designed for large-scale hardscaping. It works as a barrier that prevents gravel or rocks from sinking into the soil under stone pavers. It’s not ideal to use in the garden because it is not porous. Water, air, and nutrients cannot pass through. The material, made from either polyester or polypropylene, is durable and virtually lifeproof.

Spun Landscape Fabric

Made from bonded polyester fibers, spin landscape fabric is durable, thick, tear-resistant, and non-porous. It is designed mainly for irrigation and drainage applications. However, some spun landscape fabrics are made in thin layers, which can be used for garden plots. It’s best to consult an expert to determine if you’re buying the right product. This goes especially if you’re buying wholesale garden landscape fabric.

Perforated Landscape Fabric

This lightweight landscape fabric comes with perforations or pre-cut holes to let plants through the ground when laid on top of a garden bed. It’s light and permeable – letting air, water, and nutrients pass through while effectively blocking weeds. Perforated landscape fabric is ideal for gardening, particularly vegetables and flower gardens.

What are the Benefits of Using Landscape Fabric?

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Should you buy landscape fabric in bulk? Here are just a few of the many benefits of using landscape fabric in the garden:

Reduce Water Evaporation

When moisture evaporates quickly from the soil in the summer months, landscape fabric prevents soil dryness by blocking the sun and slowing down evaporation. Because the ground loses less moisture, you don’t have to water your plants often. If you cover a vast expanse of space, you will save more on landscape fabric by buying in bulk. You’ll also save a lot on your monthly water bill by buying landscape fabric in bulk.

Prevents Soil Erosion

One of the most common uses of landscape fabric in agriculture is to prevent soil erosion. In rainy areas, soil washout is a persistent problem in farming and gardening. Landscape fabric works particularly well in avoiding soil erosion when used as a raised bed liner. The material creates a barrier that holds soil in, preventing particles from being washed out by heavy rains.

Mulching Material

Landscape fabric, particularly thick, heavy-duty ones, is used underneath hardscaping to prevent gravel, rocks, and decorative stones from sinking into the soil. It can be installed around bushes, shrubs, and trees and then topped with your choice of organic or non-organic mulching material to elevate your outdoor space and enhance curb appeal.

Why Purchase High-quality Landscaping Fabrics from ECOgardener

The quality of landscape fabric will vary significantly from seller to seller. Here at ECOgardener, we source only the best products money can buy. The ECOgardener landscape fabric is durable yet permeable and lightweight that lasts for years.

Buy landscape fabric.

Our landscape fabrics are made from a combination of woven and nonwoven polypropylene in a double-woven layer to enhance durability. It’s tear-resistant but lets the air, water, and soil nutrients pass through to help crops thrive. It prevents soil erosion and insulates plants’ roots, enabling even the most temperature-sensitive plants to survive the summer heat. Our landscape fabric also blocks UV light to ensure weeds won’t sprout as soon as spring begins.

Using landscape fabric for mulching tends to wear the material down over time. Regular landscape fabric will need frequent replacement, not ECO Gardener’s heavy-duty fabric. With proper care, our landscape fabric will last for years to come. This makes our landscape fabric eco-friendly too. But don’t take our word for it; try our heavy-duty landscape fabric and see the difference yourself. Order here in bulk for better savings!

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