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February is just around the corner, and if you love celebrating Valentine’s day, there are loads of ways to make this day extra special in the garden. No need for expensive gifts; here are ways to grow love in your garden and make Valentine’s day truly unforgettable this year:

5 Valentine’s Gifts for Gardeners

What makes a gardener’s heart flutter? Try these gift ideas for Valentine’s Day:

A gardening book: No matter their gardening skills, a true blue gardener won’t resist a good book. If you don’t have time to buy a book in person, you can buy gardening books online. Here are some of the most popular ones worth checking out!

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Gardening tools: A new set of tools is guaranteed to put a smile on a gardener’s face! As much as we love working with our hands, having a set of mini tools around makes detailed work much easier. This goes especially for gardeners with a succulent, bonsai, cacti, or herb garden. Mini tools can be found online, and some sellers offer engraving to make the gift extra special. You can also buy high-quality tools like a hand pruner, which is small but incredibly useful.

Decorative pots: Decorative pots make a great accent to a garden of any size. You can buy a couple of decorative pots or an entire set and give these away as Valentine’s day gifts. These pots are often made from glazed ceramic, a material that’s durable and porous. Ceramic pots are perfect for small plants like succulents, herbs, and cacti. Mix different designs with classic terracotta pots to give your garden a vibrant new look.

Heart-shaped plants: Any plants with heart-shaped leaves would make a terrific gift for Valentine’s day. Sweetheart hoya, string of hearts, string of pearls, Anthurium, and Heart Leaf Philodendron are some popular gift options for the love month. Use a decorative pot and tie a ribbon around it before handing the plant to your sweetheart!

Decorative watering can: What’s a gardener without a watering can? Watering can make a practical gift, especially for a gardener who loves houseplants. Watering cans come in different styles, but the minimalist, retro, antique and rustic designs made from stainless steel or galvanized steel are popular among millennial gardeners.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the Garden

Freshly picked fruits and vegetables for a romantic night at home: Put together a beautiful spread al fresco by picking fresh fruits and vegetables and preparing an organic meal for Valentine’s day! There are many crops ready for harvest, even in a winter garden! If it’s too cold out, you can eat indoors.

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Fresh flowers as gifts: Instead of buying a bouquet of imported flowers, you can make your own by picking flowers from your own garden. Store-bought flowers tend to wilt in a matter of days, but flowers picked from your garden are so fresh they will take a long time before they wilt.

DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts: From Valentine’s Day cards to dried flowers, the garden provides many materials to decorate gifts of all kinds. Twigs, flowers, seeds, fresh leaves, and dried herbs, combined with stationery, paper, or fabric, are all you need to handcraft a unique gift that your loved ones will treasure for years to come.

Whip up hot or cold drinks: If you live in a region with mild weather in February, you can go on a picnic and whip up cold drinks for everyone! Mock-tails and fresh juices are perfect for this weather. In places where February is still too cold to spend time outdoors, you can enjoy a refreshing drink with your beau indoors. Spice up your hot beverages with herbs freshly picked from your garden!

Romantic dinner under the stars: A romantic dinner under the stars can be put together in February. Check the local weather report, and if the sky is clear, you can prepare a simple 3-course meal outdoors in the garden, watching the stars with a telescope before heading inside to warm up. You can also organize a camping trip in the garden and surprise your beau with a romantic dinner.

February Garden and ECOgardener

February is just around the corner, so better start planning now for an unforgettable date with your loved ones! Decorate your garden for the LOVE month.

Remember, tasks get easier when you have all the garden tools that you need. Check out our product catalog and see what’s in store for you this Valentine’s day.

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