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Thinking about buying landscape fabric in bulk? From preventing weed growth to minimizing the chances of soil erosion, landscape fabric has a lot of uses in the garden. Landscape fabric will benefit your crops, especially during winter when plants need insulation the most.

But to buy in bulk?

Buying in bulk lets you save more on landscape fabric because the product is more affordable when purchased wholesale. But is it smart to buy this product in bulk? How do you find a trusted landscape fabric supplier, and what other factors should you consider when purchasing landscape fabric wholesale? Read this guide to find out.

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When to Buy Landscape Fabric in Bulk?

When’s the right time to buy landscape fabric in bulk?

To cover a big garden: Buy landscape fabric in bulk when covering an enormous expanse of space. If you’re covering a big garden, it makes sense to buy more landscape fabric so you don’t have to go back to the store because you ran out. Delivery also takes a few days for most online suppliers, so it’s OK to get more than what you need and store the excess for future use.

To save the excess for future use: The great thing about landscape fabric is they store well for a long time. If you have excess rolls, store these for future use. Landscape fabrics are often sold in rolls, so these won’t take up a lot of space while in storage. The material does not weaken while in storage.

To take advantage of discounts: People usually buy in bulk to save money, and the same rings true if you’re buying landscape fabric wholesale. You’ll save hundreds of dollars on bulk landscape fabric compared to just a few rolls. Products purchased online are much cheaper than those from your local gardening supplies store. Imagine how much you’ll save if you buy the most affordable you can find online in bulk.

How to Choose a Wholesale Landscape Fabric Supplier

Check the Reputation: Wholesale landscape fabric suppliers are a dime a dozen – especially if you’re shopping online. How to know which suppliers offer high-quality products at the best prices? Choose a reputable supplier.

A supplier that’s been in the business for several years would have a big following, primarily online. Do your research online to find reputable suppliers near you. Check their website and social media pages. Does the seller have a solid reputation? Don’t be afraid to email a wholesale landscape fabric supplier to check if they’re trustworthy because buying in bulk isn’t cheap at all.

Check the Product Range: Check their website and the products they offer. Do you recognize the brands? A trustworthy wholesale landscape fabric supplier should provide a mix of branded and/or proprietary products.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t trust a supplier simply because the product range or brands they carry are limited. Many wholesalers, like ECOgardener, are well-known for their branded products and usually carry only their brands. Choose a supplier that can provide you with what you need. Options are always welcome, but you should look for quality when checking out the product range.

Check the Customer Feedback: If you’re conducting brand or product research online, it pays to check what people say about the supplier or the products they sell. If the website teems with positive reviews, it’s a sign that you’re dealing with a legitimate business.

If the reviews are mixed, check the satisfaction rating. If more people are happy with their purchases compared to those who were unhappy with the products, perhaps they’ll make a great supplier too.

Negative reviews aren’t exclusive to bad products or scammers. Some aspects of the purchase might’ve led to a negative review other than the product quality or customer service, ex: slow responses, delivery delays by third-party shippers, not getting a refund fast enough, etc.

If the reviews seem fake – and many sellers post fake reviews on their websites – avoid them altogether.

If you’ve got a big garden renovation project or are starting your own garden supplies business, only deal with a legitimate business. Buy confidently from reputable wholesale landscape fabric suppliers like ECOgardener. Buying directly from suppliers lets you save more on high-quality gardening and landscaping products!

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