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Anyone can grow plants as they say. It’s just a matter of choosing what plant suits your gardening skills and lifestyle. And so, houseplants make a perfect choice for beginners because most indoor plants are easy to grow, shade-tolerant, and hard to kill.

Want to give gardening a try? You can start growing plants in your indoor garden. There are several low-maintenance houseplants perfect for a beginner gardener like you.

10 Low-Maintenance Houseplants

Here are some easy-to-care indoor plants that beginner gardeners would love.

Aloe Vera – A Succulent Plant

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Beautiful, eye-catching, and oh-so-easy to maintain, aloe vera is one of the best houseplants to grow indoors because it doesn’t need much to thrive. It’s succulent, so it requires little watering. As long as there is a bright spot in your living space, you can grow aloe vera in a pot. Aloe vera is a slow-grower, so you don’t need to re-pot every few years. If it grows too big, cut some of the leaves to control its size. Use the cut leaves to soothe burns and moisturize the skin!

Cast Iron Plant – A Hardy, Indestructible Plant

Named after its tenacity for surviving even the worst conditions, the cast iron plant thrives in neglect! This beautiful plant has pointed, long leaves with pretty spots. It grows in clumps, so it’s perfect for dressing up an empty corner or a blank space in the home. Cast iron plant doesn’t require much other than occasional watering and a shady to semi-shady spot to grow. This plant thrives in a pot, so it’s perfect for a container garden too.

Peace Lily – A Tropical, Evergreen Plant

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Brighten any corner in your home with beautiful peace lilies! This hard-to-kill houseplant is ideal for beginner gardeners who tend to overwater their plants. It doesn’t need much to thrive, just a sunny to semi-shady spot and deep hydration. During the summer season, spritz some water on the leaves to keep the plant hydrated despite the intense heat. Do note this plant is toxic to pets, so set it high to keep Fido away!

Snake Plant – A Tough Houseplant

If you’re looking for an extra low-maintenance plant that’s virtually effortless to grow, you will love snake plants. AKA mother-in-law’s tongue, the snake plant is instantly recognizable for its thick, waxy, sword-like yellow and bright green leaves. This plant will survive shady to semi-shady growing environments and will only require watering once the soil is dry to the touch. In fact, snake plants can survive a month without watering! It’s also easy to propagate – just cut a single leaf near the base with a hand pruner and plant it in potting soil.

Spider Plant – An Adaptable Houseplant

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Spider plants are one of the most popular indoor plants for a reason. It’s so easy to grow and takes no effort to maintain. This eye-catching plant is often used to accentuate a space with its riot of thin green and yellow leaves that look like spider legs. Just set it in a spot that gets moderate light, water once a week, and prune only when needed. That’s about it!

Monstera Deliciosa – An Easy-Going Plant

With its big, broad leaves, Monstera Deliciosa adds a touch of a tropical vibe to a living space. Also known as the Swiss Cheese plant because of its leaves with holes, Monstera Deliciosa doesn’t require frequent watering. It’s pretty sensitive to overwatering and soggy soils. This plant will thrive in a spot with indirect light. Just remember to keep this houseplant away from pets because it’s toxic to cats and dogs.

Jade Plant – A Succulent Shrub

Jade plants store water in their thick, waxy leaves. This plant can be grown indoors and outdoors. Indoors, set it in a place that gets bright light for at least 6 hours daily. Just like snake plants, jade plants can go for a month without water, so water only when the soil is dry to the touch. It’s toxic to pets, so keep it away from cats and dogs.

Money Tree – A Tropical Foliage Plant

The Money Tree makes a great gift because it symbolizes prosperity and good luck. Featuring a braided trunk and beautiful emerald green leaves, the money tree is one of the easiest houseplants to grow for beginners. The money tree will thrive in a place that gets bright, indirect light for at least 6 hours daily. It doesn’t require much watering, just water when the soil is dry to the touch.

Rubber Plant – A Hardy Accommodating Houseplant

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The rubber plant is a popular indoor plant. It brightens any corner with its big, waxy bright green leaves! It can grow tall, so it’s a great accent in the living room or seating area. This Asian native requires only low, indirect light and watering once a week. We recommend regularly pruning this plant to keep its gorgeous foliage in check. Also, it’s toxic to pets.

Pothos – A Tropical Vine

Rounding up our list of the best plants to grow indoors is pothos. A favorite among beginners for its fuss-free maintenance, pothos is one of the most forgiving of all indoor plants! It will thrive even in low-light growing environments, and you can set it almost anywhere in your home. You can plant it in a pot of soil or a vase with just water. It’s a trailing plant, so you can also set it high on a hanging basket.

Indoor Gardening with ECOgardener

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Whether you are new to gardening or leading a busy lifestyle, there’s a perfect houseplant for you. The plants we’ve listed above don’t require much attention to survive, with some even thriving on neglect. All you need is to water these indoor plants at least once a week and prune them regularly, and they’re good to go.

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