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Gardening can be daunting if you’re trying your hand at it for the first time. While there’s no magic formula to ensure quick and healthy growth, choosing beginner-friendly plants like herbs is the best way to go if you’re just getting into gardening. You can opt for starter plants like most newbies, but if you really want to experience actual gardening, we highly suggest growing herbs from seed using an herb kit.

If you’ve always been curious about herb growing kit, what it does and how to build a garden using it, it’s all right here in this guide.

What is an Herb Starter Kit?

ecogardener herb kit garden

An herb kit consists of herb seeds and materials used to grow herbs. Herb kits are not created equally, some have more materials than others. For example, some herb kits could only come with a pack of seeds and a pot, while others come with different growing mediums. The ECOgardener kitchen herb kit comes with the following materials:

  • 5 Biodegradable bamboo growing pots
  • 5 + 2 Non-GMO seed packets
  • 5 bamboo plant markers
  • 5 Coconut coir soil discs

Everything you need to build a small herb garden is provided for in this herb kit, so it’s convenient and economical compared to similar products. The herb starter kit comes complete with a step-by-step guide so you can build your dream herb garden indoors or outdoors correctly.

What to Look for in an Herb Garden Kit?

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Types of Herbs: Choose an herb starter kit that contains all of the popular herbs or herbs that will get a lot of use in the kitchen. Our most herb kit contains the seeds of the following herbs:

You need to know the kind of herbs that you will maximize before buying an herb kit. That’s because herbs tend to grow very quickly and require frequent pruning to maintain their size and promote new growth. Take basil or mint, for example. These herbs proliferate and produce so many leaves that you’ll need to make several harvests; otherwise, these could go to flower, which will affect the flavor of the herbs.

Style: Herb kits do come in different types. You have the basic kitchen herb kit, which comes with a pack of herb seeds, growing pots, and a how-to guide. Some come with more materials like a growing medium, plant markers, and eco-friendly planters. The packaging could range from a nondescript box to a giftable box, reusable canvas bag, or vintage-inspired packaging. The perfect style will depend on your taste or preference.

Features: Affordable ones come packed neatly in a box, while others feature vintage-inspired packaging. Fancy herb kits could come with their own hydroponic system or LED plant lights. The more extensive the inclusions are, the more expensive the herb garden kit is. But for those new to gardening, it's fine to get the most basic package. You don’t need all the bells and whistles because herbs do not need much to grow to save for a sunny spot and a suitable growing medium. Save the splurge when you’ve had more experience growing different plants.

Things to Consider When Starting Your Indoor Gardening Journey

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Lighting: Most herbs require at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight. If you are growing herbs indoors, choose a sunny spot to start. If the area is not getting enough sunlight, consider investing in a plant light or grow light. Go for full-spectrum bulbs to provide a balance of warm and cool light, similar to natural solar light. Full-spectrum bulbs are perfect for culinary herbs, houseplants, and seedlings.

Room Temperature: The best temperature to grow different herbs from an herb starter kit is between 70 degrees F – 80 degrees F during the day and 65 degrees F – 70 degrees F at night. If the room temperature is below 50°F, plants could wither from the cold.

Size of the Plant: It’s always important to check the size of the plants you’re growing just to make sure you have enough room to spare and avoid the flora from taking over your living space (unless that’s what you’re going for). Generally, herbs do not grow too big. That’s why they make a terrific addition to indoor gardens. If you’re growing herbs from seed using an herb kit, make sure you have enough space for at least 7 herbs.

Repotting: Repotting herbs is very easy. Using a trowel, place the plant into the pot. Do not bury the plant too deeply. Simply add soil around the sides of the root ball then gently press to pack the soil. Do not press too hard. Let the soil settle for a bit, then water thoroughly.

Drainage Holes: Standing water will lead to root rot, and herbs, in particular, hate soggy soil! Also, wet soil is one of the most common causes of plant diseases and pests. Be sure to use pots or planters with drainage holes to drain excess water from the soil. It’s equally important to use rich but well-draining soil to control the moisture within the soil.

Watering: Most herbs hate standing water or soggy soil, so water only when the soil feels dry to the touch. If you’re growing herbs indoors with an herb kit, we suggest getting a mister or spray bottle to water your plants. Herbs are quite prone to root rot and soil-borne diseases, and a fine mist spray is perfect for frequent watering without excessive moisture.

Fertilizer: Most herbs do not need fertilizers and some could even grow in poor soil and sandy soil. However, if you want to use fertilizer, stick to an all-natural, organic fertilizer. Herbs go to your food, so it’s essential to use products that are 100% natural. Just mix the fertilizer into the potting soil. You can also use liquid fish and kelp fertilizer if your herbs start to lose their color or if they look a little peaked during the growing season.

Grow The Freshest Herbs Any Time of the Year with ECOgardener

Growing fresh, delicious herbs from seed is not as daunting as it seems when you have all you need in one herb kit. The ECOgardener herb starter kit is the perfect gift for beginners. Each pack comes complete with all the materials you need to build a garden. Try it today and discover the wonders of growing different herbs right in your home. Click here to shop now!

ecogardener herb kit - seed starter kit

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